The message of Rocío Oliva, two years after the death of Diego Maradona

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From the Middle East, a region he knew how to be content with Diego Maradona when they lived together in Dubai, olive dew She lovingly recalled who was her partner for seven years and one of the most important men in her life, two years after his death.

In detail, the ex-girlfriend of Ten shared on your account instagramwhere she is followed by more than half a million followers, two posts dedicated in particular to this sad and moving appointment for her and most Argentines.

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In the first publication, the soccer player and sports journalism student also uploaded her stories from the aforementioned social network a photo of him next to the deceased star.

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The postcard dates from their dating years. In it you see the Ten devotedly appreciating a reply of the world Cup which he held with his hands while Rocío admired him completely in love.

In addition to sharing that photo, Oliva set the post to music with a part of the well-known anthem Los Piojos dedicated to Ten, maradoand wrote a tender dedication on that image.

“You are in the heart of every Argentinian, every footballer in the world and every player on the planet, and forever in mine”she expressed, visibly moved, before signing that sweet message with the word ‘Puru’ followed by a red heart emoticon and an Argentinian flag.

Additionally, Rocío uploaded a video from the site to her stories Farandule show where they are seen together, very smiling and in love, sharing a meal with other people.

Rocío Oliva said she visited Diego Maradona’s grave despite not having permission

Days ago, Rocío Oliva revealed in Mirta’s night (El Trece, Saturday at 21:30) which although not authorized to enter the private cemetery where the body of Diego Maradona is buried, managed to visit his grave.

“I went to the cemetery even though I couldn’t enter”revealed the sports journalism student before telling for the first time how she managed to enter that place, where the remains of Mr. Diego Y Ms Tota.

Then, Oliva explained that since he lives in Nice viewmunicipality where the cemetery is located, being a neighbor he had the opportunity to enter the property.

“I live on the same street as the cemetery, 15 blocks from where he’s buried”he pointed to the table chikiwhere he also highlighted that the days following the burial of the Ten she chose not to go, as there was a lot of security and all eyes were on her.

According to the footballer’s story, over time, and thanks to some acquaintances who had buried relatives there, was encouraged to reach out to the site where the body of his former partner rests.

“Come with me, you want to see my relatives and leave some flowers for Diego”he suggested some acquaintances with access to that place, and she didn’t hesitate.

“I was there for a while, because I didn’t want to compromise anyone,” admitted the expanelist from controversy at the bar (America). And closed, excited: “I had my goodbye that I couldn’t have. But one carries people in the heart, I am one who stays with images and I am left with a living image of him”.


Source: Clarin

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