Lourdes de Bandana’s message after denouncing her ex for gender-based violence

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Friday night, Lourdes FernándezMember of Bandana, He surprised on his social networks by sharing images of his completely bruised face. Now, the singer has spoken out again after making public the unfortunate violent episode of which she was the victim.

Lowrdez, as he defines himself artistically, He posted a picture of his face all beaten up and blamed his exLeandro, of having been the culprit, publicly denouncing an attack of gender-based violence.

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“If it happens, report it, don’t be afraid”, The singer wrote about the shocking photo where you can see her whole face and neck covered in bruises.

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And in the same publication he referred to the ill-treatment suffered by what would have been his partner in the last two years: “He filmed me without my knowledge. He took pictures of me naked without my consent. Or because I got drunk… I he put things in it that I drank and I always apologized. Love is the absolute lack of suffering. Love doesn’t hurt.”

The truth is that after making this delicate and aberrational situation public, Lourdes expressed herself again at dawn on Saturday through her Instagram account.

First shared the hashtag “#I believe you“and then showed a picture of her hand being held by two others, loved ones.”The pain of this day is indescribable,” he wrote.

Although he also thanked her for the messages of support received and for the friends who accompanied her in this difficult moment she has to go through: “Thanks for the support, I’m with you.”

As reported in the last few hours, this episode of gender-based violence against the singer had already been repeated previously.

It was the journalist Maite Peñóñori, speaker of intruders (America, 1.30 pm), who said that last year he received information about a strong episode in which the singer had been the protagonist with her partner and that it was the neighbors who warned the police but Lourdes had preferred, at that time, do not make the complaint.

“On November 3, 2021, I had received information from a neighbor about a police incident Lourdes had with her ex. What they had told me at the time was that the police had gone to the scene at the request of the neighbors due to of the screams and the blows. Lourdes at that moment decided not to press charges. It seems to me that it is not the first episode,” revealed Maite.

The word of the mother of Lourdes de Bandana

After the loud video that the Bandana member posted on her networks to denounce an attack of gender-based violence by her ex-partner, the singer’s mother, Mabel, spoke to A la tarde (América, at 3.45pm) and told more details about the ordeal her daughter had to go through.

“I was surprised by the photo, I wasn’t surprised by the situation because this was an announced end,” said Lowrdez’s mother. And he told how the artist is: “She is very shocked, very sad, her face is marked, the pear, her finger hurts, which for me is dislocated. I am a doctor. I think I hit her with a fist closed and with fury”.

And she added, very saddened: “He started having attitudes that I didn’t like, he was very controlling… In recent times they had already stopped experiencing situations of violence apart from him, hacking accounts, taking his money. He had the passwords to the Lourdes bank accounts and emptied them. very psycho”

Furthermore, he clarified that, although the singer had been engaged for two years, he has long since stopped living with his ex and moved next to him: “Lourdes is at home, where his father also lives, next to me House . We share a garden.”

Source: Clarin

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