Home Entertainment Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell have fun in Spirited: the spirit of the holidays

Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell have fun in Spirited: the spirit of the holidays

Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell have fun in Spirited: the spirit of the holidays

we all know Will Ferrell in Latin America more for his films than for his participation in Saturday night live. The comedian in which Mugatu was zoolanders He launched his film career with the success of a Christmas production. She was elf (2003), and now back together with ryan reynolds in another about Christmas, Spirited: The spirit of the holidayson Apple TV+.

This new movie is based on A Christmas carol or a Christmas fairy taleone of Charle Dickens’ most adapted works, about Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly man who is converted after a visit from ghosts.

Produced by Ferrell, he landed the role of the ghost of the present, one of three who pay a visit to a sarcastic executive named Clint, played by Ryan Gosling, who is practically irredeemable. But Present, who is part of a sort of secret spiritual society here, is determined to elect Clint and reform him.

How come?

Because he has the ability to stop being a ghost and return to Earth as a human after centuries of wandering.

Second chances

Tell more about the plot of Spirited: the spirit of the holidays I’d be less interested in knowing what happens and how.

Director Sean Anders’ screenplay, co-written with his frequent collaborator John Morris, seeks to subvert aspects of Dickens’ work, but also expresses the perks and possibilities of having second chances.

The film by Sean Anders, who had previously directed Will Ferrell in dads war and its sequel, is a musical comedy, and when you hear the catchy, vibrant songs of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, then the movie is better, more bearable than when Ferrell, Gosling and company play the sitcom.

They are the Oscar-winning composers for La La Landand which to their credit they have Dear Evan Hansen, the great showman and the recent Lilo, Lilo Crocodile they have the ability to make any tune simple and straightforward and make it memorable.

And added to choreography by Chloe Arnold, the voices of Ferrell and Reynolds probably aren’t the high point, but the director manages to make these apparent limitations of the performers one of the points to connect with from the living room chair.

Of the many supporting roles, Octavia Spencer’s is perhaps the most appealing. Academy Award for Cross stories is an executive at Clint’s company, who begins to disapprove of his boss’s unethical techniques to help his clients. And when he has to help Clint’s niece by “dirtying” another boy, we’ll have to see how she copes.

And Kimberley is the only character who gets to see Present, who falls in love with her. And there, in the relationship between Candida Presente and the actress of the shape of water he tries his hand at comedy and singing, and does it very well.

But it is Ryan Reynolds who, as often happens, puts the film in his pocket. Clint’s sarcasm fits him perfectly, he dances and seems to be enjoying himself too.

The choreographies deserve a separate paragraph, certainly different to copy (one with torches; another on the water), which combine taps, foot stops with body movements that make you want to get up from your chair.

“Animated: The Spirit of the Holidays”


Musical comedy. USA, 2022. Original title: “Animated”. 127′, SA 13. From: With: Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, Octavia Spencer, Marlow Barkley. Available in: AppleTV+.

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