Pedro Aznar anticipated his next album in a recital full of his hits, those of Charly and Lennon

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The icing on the cake came at the end, like an exquisite gift after a magnificent recital: Pedro Aznar is back on stage at the Gran Rex alone, without his band, he would sit on the edge of the stage with his guitar, cross his legs and play true love of the Beatles.

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That makeshift bonfire in a huge theater, with a little microphone installed ad hoc on the floor, it was the perfect finishing touch to a show where once again Aznar has managed to show all the musicality, good taste and variety of styles it encompasses.

In the best Whitman style (“Icontainhoods”), Pedro Aznar managed to balance the folkloric vein of his latest album in the same concert flower and roothis successes as a soloist, a preview of his next album, his talent for making Spanish versions of other people’s compositions and also exhibiting his work with Charly García.

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In such a context, adding a bit of the Beatles was an unexpected bonus and welcomed with fervor and enthusiasm by all.

an impressive band

Together with Pedro there was a great band: Matías Martino on keyboards, Sebastián Henríquez on guitars, Julián Semprini on drums and Alejandro Oliva on percussion.

Each had his own personal genius (for example Martino in thistle or ash by Chabuca Granda), but crucial was how they sounded as an ensemble.

At first, after done You lie (from Tango4) as third song, Aznar said goodbye and said some words:

“It’s a night of celebration in many ways and we won’t have football fans (Editor’s note: outside the triumph of Argentina was celebrated around the Obelisk). I want to thank all of you and by extension everyone who has seen us live, because this year has been a blessing after two terrible years.”

And he continued: “Today is a bit like the end of 2022 and the new album will be released in 15 days, which we anticipate with five songs”.

Soon after, he started with a section dedicated to Flor y raíz, where after the Reaper by Ramón Ayala did Rencor sitting at the piano, followed by his great version of Sorry seems to be the hardest word by Elton John.

a variety of styles

After announcing that “Now let’s go to beloved Brazil for a while,” he did Construction by Chico Buarque, perhaps with the band at an excessive volume which did not allow us to appreciate such exquisite lyrics with subtle variations from one verse to another.

Then, flaunting the multitudes it contains, he passed on to the chaise longue for cats from María Elena Walsh to her suburban night, last piece Y Two gardenias.

He immediately said that “The time has come to show you new music” and started with his brand new version (already released as a single) of the hit All of Me by John Legend. With bodyland He showed off with the opera and a letter of complaint. He finished with enormous force and to balance out he struck a new arrangement of At first sight, slower, with vocals, piano and acoustic guitar.

the final stretch

Another hit that he beautifully reinterpreted was Broken, which reached all rock and closed the show. But the encores were still missing, of course: Your love (from Tango 4) e To every man and every woman (from there will be 92). And especially, true love.

Indeed, the icing on the dessert.


Source: Clarin

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