Tarascones, the black comedy of four package ladies taking out their dirty laundry

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Tarascones, the black comedy of four package ladies taking out their dirty laundry

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Tarascons. With Paola Barrientos, Susana Pampín, Eugenia Guerty and Alejandra Flechner. Photo Alejandra Lopez.

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Zulma, Martita, Estela and Raquel are back. Recharged. The characters created by Gonzalo Demaría for Tarascones, now they are installed in the middle of Corrientes Avenue. Directed by Ciro Zorzoli, they were played by Paola Barrientos, Alejandra Flechner, Eugenia Guerty and Susana Pampín, along with duties of resurrection in Metropolitan Sura.

The four friends who get together to drink tea and play cards make a fierce black comedy the meeting where they judge an alleged crime as they begin to take off their clothes under the day between them, in a wild and hilarious. The female “packages” that speak in the verse become creatures as cruel as the madmen.

Returning to the stage, after a few seasons and a pandemic in between, fills the artists with enthusiasm that appears to be applauded by the public, after each performance.

Tarascones was re -released in Metropolitan Sura.

Tarascones was re -released in Metropolitan Sura.

A work to be done forever

Tarascones He gave me many things. Boot, challenge and experience to do a material entirely in verse; do this with colleagues of excellence in each of the workplaces; live of and with Tarascones how many years; see how the public becomes a fan. Want to do it ad infinitum! Doing it again is just a crazy desire, it has no logic or argumentation, ”Flechner describes.

For Barrientos, the task was like an alchemical encounter. “We strengthen ourselves, we encourage ourselves, we enriched ourselves and had so much fun. It’s a return postponed by the pandemic and highly desired “while for Guerty,” it’s the first work I’ve done after I became a mother and it makes a lot of sense, in addition to a loaf under the arm. Coming back fills me with happiness, it’s a jewel, a magical little watch, ”she said.

Pampín, for his part, agreed: “I have worked with three actors and a director whom I greatly admire, and for this conference to continue over time has been phenomenal. I have learned and I have enjoyed the doing so.Also, from the tremendous experience of a function in the SUM of the women’s prison. And now, at the Met, it’s all fun and adrenaline. “

Tarascones is a black comedy, written in verse.

Tarascones is a black comedy, written in verse.

accurate machinery

For female performers, that’s key Tarascones function, basically, as an exact and precise machinery, has to do with several questions. One, according to Flechner, that the work reveals the “the great hypocrisy of a ruling class which takes all the drawings in terms of discrimination and discrimination ”.

But, “the impunity that these four women have to judge and judge others“, Barrientos explains.” And the great ability to sweep under the rug the very stories they prefer to hide. “

That hypocrisy between them who are supposed to be peers and contempt for the class also explains the impact of the work. “The power and the exaggeration of what these characters think is justice,” Guerty added. Pampín thinks similarly: “The pretense of a high class that, taking advantage of their power, cover their own difficultiesjudging those who have no possibility of defending themselves “.

With characters built on the side of the cartoon, maintained by great performances, the actresses made sure it was “like an amalgamation a monster with four heads on a very precise and frightening side of the action ”, according to Flechner’s definition.

The fact that the work is written in verse, but with immense flow, is another test. “In what I thought was the biggest challenge, writing the verse, the opposite happened. The verse was an immediate invitation to the insane game going on between these four monsters,” Barrientos said.

And Pampín added another challenge: “To keep it alive in the running of functions; manage to maintain that extreme form. At the same time it is also a challenge lose the fear of ridicule every time“.

Each scene is a key part of the game that, as the story progresses, is in crescendo, and it was deformed into an increasingly happy and strange delirium. Pampín said: “We really enjoyed, as our director said,” crossing the car “between the four of us.”

Tarascones It has performances every Tuesday at exactly 8pm in Metropolitan Sura, Av. Corrientes 1343. Tickets $ 2400, via PlateaNet.

Source: Clarin

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