Metallica are back in the ring with everything: they have announced the release of a new album and a tour that will last for two years

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metallic confirmed the title and release date of his upcoming studio album: 72 seasons. It will be available later April 14, 2023 through the band’s label, Blackened Recordings.

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72 seasons was announced with the release of the first single Æterna Luxa first cut that sums up the sound of 40 years of Metallica in three and a half minutes. Æterna Lux is now available on all digital platforms, as well as the official video of the song, directed by Tim Saccenti.

It was also announced today that every concert Metallica plays in 2023 and 2024 will be presented globally by Liquid Death and Blackened American Whiskey. Their “M72 World Tour” by Metallica will see the band play two nights in each city you visit, with two completely different setlists and backing bands.

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The M72 tour will feature a bold new round stage design which moves the famous “Snake Pit” to center stage, as well as passes to the “I Disappear” tour and the debut of discount tickets for fans under 16.

The first concert will be on April 27 in Los Angeles. From there they will go to Holland, France, Germany, England, Sweden, the United States and Canada. In 2024 they will be in Germany, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Spain and the United States. Attention: at the end of September they will be in Mexico and have all of October free, Will Argentina join?

The band enjoys a huge revival this year among young people, thanks to the appearance of the classic theme Puppet master since 1986 in the series Stranger things.

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from every ticket sold will go to the band’s “All Within My Hands” foundation. Founded in 2017, AWMH has been dedicated to fundraising to help and enrich the lives of community members who have supported the band.

the new record

Produced by Greg Fidelman together with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, and running over 77 minutes, 72 seasons It will contain 12 songs, and is the band’s first complete collection of new songs since their album Wired… to self-destruct of 2016.

The album will be released in formats including limited edition black vinyl 2LP, CD and digital variants.

Talking about the concept behind the album title, James Hetfield He said: “72 seasons are the first 18 years of our lives that make up our true or false selves. The concept that our parents told us ‘who we are’. A possible typecasting around what kind of personality we are”.

He added: ‘I think the most interesting part of this is the ongoing study of those core beliefs and how they affect our perception of the world today.

topic list

This is the final list of songs in 72 seasons:

  • 72 seasons
  • Shadows follow
  • screaming suicide
  • Sleepwalk My Life Away
  • You have to burn!
  • Æterna Lux
  • Barbed wire crown
  • Chasing the light
  • If darkness had a son
  • Too far?
  • Hall of Mirrors
  • fell in love


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