Home Entertainment Mauro Icardi’s forceful response to Wanda Nara after she confirmed the separation

Mauro Icardi’s forceful response to Wanda Nara after she confirmed the separation

Mauro Icardi’s forceful response to Wanda Nara after she confirmed the separation

In what appears to be an endless story of love and heartbreak, Mauro Icardi He uploaded a post to his Instagram account, where he has nearly 9 million followers, in response to what Wanda Nara had posted minutes earlier, confirming the separation of the couple. And denying what the footballer had shared.

“Goodnight, tomorrow we continue”wrote from the Maldives, captivating Wanda, along with a photo in which they both are seen giving each other a passionate kiss on the mouth, as if they were a couple in love.

While he didn’t clarify more on the matter, it was striking that the story was uploaded after the mother of her children answered the question “Why don’t you say you reconciled?”, giving her position, very different from what the Galatasaray striker told. “Why would I lie, I tried because I think a relationship of many years deserves another chance, but it didn’t work out”.

It should be noted that in recent days Mauro had spoken of the couple’s reconciliation in the midst of family holidays in the Maldives, a paradisiacal place, which both have visited on several occasions and have it as a place to feel at ease.

Mauro Icardi confirmed the reconciliation and Wanda kept silent

Just a few days ago, the Galatasaray striker uploaded a post in which he confirmed the couple’s reconciliation. “She wasn’t the woman of my life, she was my life transformed into a woman. Even Disney stories have a second season. I love you, Wanda Nara”Mauro wrote, to the surprise of his followers.

And although his message had an immediate impact and generated more than 300,000 likes in less than two hours, there were also many people who reacted in the opposite direction, questioning Icardi about the twists of the mate.

They also pointed out to him that while he was trying to prove that he has reconciled with Wanda, she has not made any posts about it or joined his publications. But she also uploaded photos of herself by herself, showing off beautiful landscapes and posing on the net.

Wanda’s love chat for Mauro

Adding other data so that the confusion is total, just a few days ago Icardi showed a private chat that Wanda had sent him, proving that the couple’s crisis had been resolved.

“Thank you for another beautiful trip, my favorite place is you. For taking me to my paradise, for your love and always taking care of me. Never doubt how much I love you. I hope to come back with G”wrote Wanda next to a baby emoji, implying that they were looking for another baby and that the initial of the name they both chose would be G.

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