Lourdes de Bandana spoke after the complaint of gender-based violence against her ex

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Lourdes returned from Mendoza, where she presented herself with her colleagues from Bandana, and referred to the gender-based violence complaint she made against her former partner.

“How are you?” asked Alejandro Castelo, reporter for LAM (America, 8:00 pm), a few minutes after his plane landed at the Aeroparque. “Like the vegetable garden, the truth is that it’s ugly”, he replied immediately.

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And he added: “You know that I have a career that is based on music. What I wanted to glimpse is that, nothing, it is one of the most difficult personal moments that I am going through because you don’t stop wanting from one day after day. However, I received the support of many people.”

Furthermore, the singer underlined that “it is not easy to live such a thing” and stressed that above all “it is not easy to dare to tell about it”. “Sorry if I didn’t communicate to you earlier, the truth is that it’s a process…”, he added. “You don’t have to apologize for anything,” noted the reporter, to which she replied: “Everyone tells me the same thing.”

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Then, Lourdes assured that “when she heard this kind of thing” (because of the reports of gender-based violence) she had “the normal thought, to judge” that someone could not leave the relationship in time, but that now she understands how difficult it was.

“The most important thing here is that it is a reality, it exists. Something similar has happened to everyone at some point. So let’s give a little more information, visualization or a different concept of love. ‘Because I love you I hit you ‘, It’s not like that,” he said.

Furthermore, she stated, “I feel that love is 50/50 and giving things up and that too is a responsibility within the couple. Not leaving on time or deciding to continue or jealousy…”.

“I don’t want to give many details because that’s in the hands of the law. We empower ourselves from an early age. I don’t like the ‘victim’ theme,” she said.

Source: Clarin

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