Ana Rosenfeld told the real reasons for the separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

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While Mauro Icardi does not stop posting romantic photos with Wanda Naradeletes and reposts them, the media remains steadfast in its position that they are separate. In that context, Anna Rosenfeld He came out to clarify the goals and told the real reasons for the scandalous breakup that keeps everyone on their toes.

in dialogue with THEY (America, Mon-Fri 8pm), the lawyer and media close friend said the “couple’s” recent trip to the Maldives was interpreted by many “as a reconciliation, but Wanda has been instructed to clarify who bet on the pair and it didn’t work”.

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“Wanda didn’t upload anything (on social media with Mauro) because until the situation was resolved it seemed wrong to her…“said Rosenfeld, who is in permanent contact with the protagonists of this tangled love story.

It’s safe: “She is bad, very sad, because when you bet on a couple of so many years you try to make it happen but in this case i can assure you and confirm that continue with the separation process“.

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Furthermore, the lawyer referred to the super hot photos that the Galatasaray striker shared on his Instagram account and acknowledged: “This really annoyed Wanda because they were private photos”. And he slipped: “At this point in the match it seems to me that there is a greater challenge (on his part to win it back) and this is what is outraging Wanda”.

On the trip to the tropical Indian Ocean country and the second chance the media gave the footballer, Rosenfeld added: “It wasn’t bad to try, they went to a place where it means not only heaven, but also to be tit to tit with the person morning, noon and night”-

And finally he revealed why Wanda wants nothing to do with the reconciliation: “There are many things that don’t work in a marriage when there is no more trustwhen feelings break somehow and are there other things in terms of work and options that she asks to have to continue with her work and Mauro wants her at home».

The word of Wanda Nara after confirming the separation from Mauro Icardi

days ago, just when Wanda Nara i was on vacation with Mauro Icardi in Maldivesan interview that the media had given to was published Vanity Fair Italy explaining that the reasons for the fight with the father of her daughters it was for work reasons.

“The truth is, I had five children, nursed them all, raised them and cared for them for 10 years. He had recently expressed to Mauro the desire to go back to work, and he didn’t like it“, he assured.

And she clarified: “It is rare for a footballer’s wife to work. For a long time I only took care of my children and my husband, but now I want to recover my time and return to my profession… This does not mean neglecting the children: Mauro trains two hours a day, the rest of the time he is at home. He can help me, right?”

“He doesn’t like the idea of ​​me taking the spotlight away from the family… So every now and then he tries to win me back, the other day he picked me up (in Istanbul) at the airport with a car full of flowers, then he took me to dinner and said: ‘I’m not giving up’. Very well, but I already know that yes we meet again and in two months I mention a new job offer, we will return to the starting point”hill.


Source: Clarin

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