Theatrical season 2023: What are the works that will go to Mar del Plata and Carlos Paz

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When the World Cup fever subsides, in Mar del Plata and Villa Carlos Paz they will have everything ready to inaugurate their already classic seasons theaters 2022-2023. There will be comedies with a familiar tone, humorous shows, and even a few well-known faces who usually work to rally the public on vacation. Here is a review of the sea and mountain billboards.

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silver sea

In the Happy City there will be many reruns. which previously passed through the city of Buenos Aires, and also several previews.

Divorce is one of the premieres, which will debut on December 27 at the Teatro Mar del Plata. Written and directed by Nelson Valente, the show features a dinner between two couples of friends, where one of them shares the secrets of their reconciliation with the other. With Luciano Castro, Natalie Perez, Pablo Rago and Carla Conte.

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the 39 stepsa crime classic with several seasons in Buenos Aires, will arrive on the stage of El Tronador, on December 28, with Facundo Arana, Fredy Villarreal, Guillermina Valdés and Maxi de la Cruz, each in the role of different characters.

Cecilia Milone and Nito Artazawedding in real life, they will also work together in the summer forming a theater duo with the show assorted souvenirswhich will premiere on December 25 at the Atlas theater.

Another comedy that worked very well in Buenos Aires and that will go to Mardel is Lapland, which proposes a culture shock in a comedic tone. With Jorge Suárez, Laura Oliva, Héctor Díaz and Paula Ransenberg it reopens at the Bristol Theater on 30 December.

Director José María Muscari assembled three casts for his success Sex. I have lived your experience who has already been performing in Buenos Aires for three years. Christian Sancho and Ginette Reynal will host the show from Mar del Plata together with Valeria Archimó, Celeste Muriega, Pablo Ruiz, Maxi Diorio, Martín Salwe and the cast. With choreography by Mati Napp, it debuts on January 5 at the Roxy Theatre.

Muscari will have another work of his on the Mar del Plata billboard, lost mindwritten together with Mariela Asensio who will also take the stage of the Atlas after a successful year in the Buenos Aires bill, with Leonor Benedetto, Karina K, Julieta Ortega, Ana María Picchio and Patricia Sosa in its cast.

Martin Bossi he will offer humor and music with his work Bossi comedy show, which will have performances at the Teatro Mar del Plata. it will do the same Fatima Fiorez with Fatima is Chameleonon Radio City with a show in which the magician Emanuel and the double Iván Ramírez will also participate.

Psychologist Gabriel Rolón will bring his show full word: at the Bristol Theater, while the comedian Soy Rada Aristarán will perform his show Scrambled on the stage of the Teatro Nettuno.

Mardel will also have his own magazine with Celebrating magazine, conducted by Sergio Gonal together with the star Lorena Liggi, Jorge Carna Crivelli, Paquito Wanchankein and Mariano Caprarola at the Corrientes Theater. For his part, comedian Wali Iturrigaga of Corrientes will debut in that city with Jenny the Paraguayan on Neptune.

Dinosaurs, a Jurassic adventure is the show based on the world of dinosaurs and designed for the whole family that will be at the Teatro Lido.

The one who will sting on the dot is Pepe Cibrián with princesses, from 2 December in Sala Melany. After a period in Buenos Aires, you will do a season in La Feliz, but with a cast from Mar del Plata.

Circus Audacitywith its tent located in front of the Lighthouse, south of Mar del Plata, and the traditional Circus Rodas that will be in Avenida De los Trabajadores and Juan B, in the port of Mar del Plata, will be part of the season.

Villa Carlo Pace

Extravagant boots It will be one of the big bets for the summer in the city of Cordoba. With the general management of Ricky Paskus premieres December 28 at the Luxor Theater. The musical was already on the bill in Buenos Aires, but this new version comes with a renewed cast in Córdoba: Fede Bal as “Lola”, Federico Salles as Charly and Laura Esquivel as Lauren.

A perfect plan is the comedy that makes its debut at the Teatro del Lago directed by Peter Alfonso (which is already in its 11th season in the city of Cordoba) together with Pachu Peña, Romina Gaetani, Paula Chaves and Rodrigo Noya, among others. For his wife Paula Chaves it will be the return to the scene after four years.

For their part, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez and Laura Novoa will star in the comedy The celebrity hostel, directed by Patricia Palmer and will be accompanied by Locho Loccisano, Sofía Pachano, Majo Martino, Fabio Di Tomaso and Nara Ferragut. The show arrives on December 29 at Teatro Candilejas 1.

version of Sex. I have lived your experience Designed by José María Muscari for Carlos Paz, it will have Iliana Calabró, Juan Palomino, Andrea Ghidone, Gabo Usandivaras, Barby Silenzi, Nacho Sureda, Flor Marcasoli, Gustavo Remesar, Charo Bogarín and Rodrigo Jara in its cast and will be in the Melos Teatro.

The theater company led by Omar Suárez and Denise Cerrone, present in the Cordoba program for ten years, returns this season with The crocodile magazinea classic of the Villa, at the Teatro Libertad.

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Source: Clarin

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