“I love Hitler. I love Jews, but I also love Nazis,” said Kanye West, more provocative than ever

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The increasingly controversial American rapper Kanye West declared on Thursday his “love” of the Nazis and his admiration for Adolf Hitlerduring a multi-hour live broadcast with the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

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I love Hitler”declared the artist in a long and at times confusing interview in which the white supremacist also participated Nick Fuentesinterviews -or chats or who knows what- transmitted by the portal www.infowars.com.

I love Jews, but I also love Nazis“said the musician. “I don’t like to see the word evil next to the word Nazi,” he insisted in a tone more unfortunate than euphoric.

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The musician, who is allegedly thinking of running for president of the United States in the 2024 elections, appeared with his face covered by a black mask, in a titan look by Martín Karadagian, packed with a black jacket, colored patches and black gloves.

“I see good things about Hitler too“, he said without anyone asking him anything, managing to obtain more titles than the elimination of Germany at the World Cup in Qatar.

In his curious speech to the querendón he declared: “I love everyone. I can’t say that this person (Hitler) who invented the highways and the microphones that I use as a musician, hasn’t done anything good,” he said. “Every human being has something precious, especially Hitler,” he said to his and his strangers’ surprise.

The rapper’s repeated praise caused friction on the air with Jones himself, who, known for his extreme positions, even preferred to distance himself from West’s sayings by stating that “the Nazis did really bad things.”

And messed her up more

“I’m a Nazi”, The musician came to affirm in front of Jones who replied indignantly: “Excuse me, you are doubling the bet”.

West and Fuentes recently met with the former president Donald Trump at a charity dinner that was questioned by some of the upper echelons of the small Republican Party table. A few days earlier, Trump received a standing ovation from the Jewish Republican Coalition holding its annual meeting in Las Vegas.

But on Thursday, the Coalition released a statement without directly mentioning Trump, condemning West and urging those who still support him in his race to distance themselves.

“Because of his praise of Hitler, it is no exaggeration that Kanye West is a vile bigot and repulsive who has attacked the Jewish community with Nazi-style threats and slander,” part of the statement read. “Conservatives who have wrongly coddled Kanye West need to make it clear that he is an outcast. Enough.”

Overnight, anti-Semitic and racist comments cost West lucrative business deals with companies such as Adidas, GAP and Balenciaga.

“I lost $2 billion in one day and I’m still alive. This is a love talk. God still loves you. Money is not who I am. People are who they are,” she wrote a few days ago in an Instagram post, where she has 18.4 million followers.

Meanwhile, Kim KardashianWest’s ex-wife also released a short statement via Twitter, saying: “Hate speech is never good nor is it excusable. I stand with the Jewish community and demand an immediate end to the appalling violence and hateful rhetoric directed against them.”

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