Flor de la Ve breaks down on camera opening Intruders: ‘Life doesn’t prepare you for this kind of thing’

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Headquarters flower broke this friday at the beginning of intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1:30pm) for personal reasons. “Life doesn’t prepare you for this kind of thing,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Although her tears were not of sadness, but of happiness, the images of the presenter surprised all the viewers of the cycle of America and also one’s companions, such as Marcello Toro Y Virginia Gallardowho are also mothers.

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In detail, Flor collapsed in front of the cameras when she recalled what her children’s act was this Thursday, isabella Y Paulfruit of his love with the dentist Pablo Goicocheawho graduated from the primary level.

“I still have my voice taken and I speak and I want to start crying… (Yesterday) I saw myself sitting and while the teachers were talking about everything it means to accompany children and grow up … “, the presenter began with a broken voice.

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And he continued: “I want to thank all the authorities and the fathers and mothers that I have met since they started (in a room of 3) because It’s very exciting and happy.”

Then, De la Ve made a particular clarification. “For us, for the collective of trans women they are achievements: that I’m at school and that this is happening to me…”, assured Flor with serious difficulty speaking due to emotion.

At that time, he also anticipated that surely “this” tomorrow will be something much more “everyday” for our society but Today “it is of great value”.

“And my children, Paul and Bella, I love with all my soul. They are my pride and the best thing that happened to me in life. And of course my husband sure did Without him I couldn’t have done half of the things I do. because he always supports the family. So thank you “, she concluded, moved.

In her social networks, Florencia has also dedicated a special post to her children in instagram for the completion of this very special stage in their lives.

“Ah!!! What emotion, what joy, what pride I feel for you children. Life can be beautiful, you just need to know how to wait”she wrote alongside a photo of her and her husband with their boys.

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Source: Clarin

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