Wanda Nara ran away when asked about the scandal with L-Gante

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In the last few hours, a strong version has emerged that assures it on Thursday L-Ghent would appear at the home of Wanda Nara and, not being assisted, would have been the protagonist of a scandal in which there were banging and screaming and even a crash. Now the media has been intercepted on camera in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 3.45pm) but evaded the reporter’s questions.

She is the notary of the cycle she leads Karina Mazzocco settled in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Núñez, where the famous Libertador Castle and managed to run into the businesswoman, who was in the car accompanied by her sister Zaira.

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After the insistence of the American notary, the blonde finally agreed to roll down the car window.

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Mauro Icardi’s ex, who arrived in the country just a few days ago, was very smiling and he preferred to evade questions about the alleged scandal with the cumbia idol.

“I’m going to an event and I’ll be late. A little kiss,” Wanda launched.

But the chronicler of In the afternoon he continued insisting and explaining to the business woman that he wanted to know what had happened on Thursday night.

“How was the party last night?” she wanted to know the cell phone. “What a party?”the media replied pretending not to understand. While honking was heard in the background.

“Wasn’t there a party last night?” she wanted to know “Tucho”. “I’m not leaving”she condemned, closed the window and left with her sister.

This week the mother of Francesca, Isabella, Benedict, Constantine Y valentine he packed his bags and landed in Buenos Aires.

Expectations were high, especially since she herself confirmed it a few days ago separates from Mauro Icardi. Also, on its last cross-country passage, the lace was very close to L-Ghent.

Although many thought that the businesswoman would resume her relationship with the cumbia idol, everything would indicate that they had a fight.

Was Guido Zaffora who disseminated the information in It’s over there (America, Monday to Friday at 10).

“It was yesterday (for this Thursday), 7.30 in the afternoon, there were many people circulating in the building for a neighbors’ party”, explained the speaker of the America programme.

And continued: “What happened is that Wanda banned L-Gante from entering; he arrived, security took the list and he wasn’t there.”

“L-Ghent had it a total nervous breakdown, of madness, and he starts kicking the gate, he’s created a scandal with the terrible security,” he explained.

“There was insults, shouts, They also tell me Wanda tried to leave the building e crashed a car“, concluded the speaker.

The word of L-Gante, after the scandal

L-Ghent it manifested itself on social networks after the media turmoil that was generated following the information provided by Guido Záffora.

The creator of the cumbia 420 posted an Instagram story in which he directly targeted the media.

Doing something of my own is a safe outlet for the media and speakers who live and work talking about others…”, he wrote in a story.

And he continued: “They are of such a low level that They use the method of making news first and then informing let’s see if that’s true…”

“For me it’s just the ones I shake hands with and grab their elbow. TV this year has targeted me. They will come (sic),” he condemned.


Source: Clarin

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