Florencia Peña and Ramiro Ponce de León got married for the second time in fifteen days

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With the presence of over 400 guests, including family and friends, Florencia Peña and Ramiro Ponce de León got married for the second time in fifteen days, but this time they did it in Buenos Aires. Unlike the previous one, which she was in Salta, the province where her boyfriend comes from.

Before entering the party held in Benavídez, the brand new husband and wife spoke to the press. “We are calm and want to have fun. Nervous we were at the wedding in Salta. It was a very important move, it was going to rain and it was epic.”

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The honeymoon was beautiful. How to have acted. Now everything was more armed. There are 400 invited guests, but the move to Salta was impressive. We transferred almost 200 guests” Flor said

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You don’t know how people resist leaving their cell phones, but then they thanked me because they had a lot of fun. And we connect a lot with each other. Nancy Pazos took it between her legs and we farted itbut she couldn’t come to that and we left her,” the girl was honest.

In that wedding there was a ceremony and we wanted it to be something more intimate. It looked like it was going to rain and luckily it wasn’t. The next day he left with everything and they thanked us, because it hadn’t rained in Cafayate for about 8 months and they needed it,” Peña revealed.

“Some friends from Salta came here, but the idea when we did it there was also for them. Our son Felipe is happy. The gift list was very free. We told them to do what they wanted. Many have sent gifts to Salta so that we can finish our little house there,” concluded Flor Peña before saying goodbye to journalists.

For its part, America shared the wedding with a special edition of real secretswhich they titled wedding of the year. With the guidance of Luis Ventura. And as has been known, among the surprises of the evening there will be a musical show by El Polaco and another by Rodrigo Tapari.

Among the more than 400 that it was possible to see at the entrance Roberto Moldavsky with his wife, Esmeralda Mitre, Georgina Barbarossa, Aníbal Pachano, Marcelo Polinowearing a blue tuxedo with a black bow, Alexander Packerhealla Negra Vernaci. Paola Krum with boyfriend Pablo Rago, Fernando Burlando with Barby Franco, Coco Fernández with Virginia Elizaldeamong others.

As for the appearance of Florencia Peña, it has been learned that I had three changes of clothes to wearall by the same wedding designer from Salta: Camila Romano.

Speaking of food, it has been learned that there will be bandeeos all night long and each guest is served what they want when they want, on the different islands offering different styles and tastes of food.

A day before the wedding, Flor began to live the preview and share it on her networks. “24 hours after the second wedding I can’t believe it! Tomorrow comes the party of Buenos Aires to @janoseventos and to finalize the details, we wanted to do the drink test Yes, all of those! With @claudiavillafaneok and Rama we don’t lose a single one. The one that awaits us… “, she captioned alongside a video of them trying drinks.

Two weeks ago they got married in Salta

At the party in Buenos Aires, the couple invited people who could not travel to Salta, where received 170 guests, with most of the relatives, especially by the groom. The wedding took place in a country hotel located in Tolombón, 11 kilometers from Cafayate.

Florence arrived in a black 1964 Mustang.accompanied by her two children with Mariano Otero, and by Felipe, fruit of her relationship with Ramiro Ponce de León.

The bride dazzled in a gown by designer Camila Romano, boho chic style, in nude guipare, long, mermaid, with train, close-fitting and low-cut, with hand-embroidered straps. She wore a tight and gathered hairstyle and accompanied the look with large earrings and a very delicate bouquet with isophiles.

While Ramiro chose a beige suitwith a white shirt. Florencia’s three children wore the same suit as Ramiro, but wore white sneakers instead of shoes.

Claudia Villafane She was also the organizer of the event in Salta and they traveled from Buenos Aires Georgina Barbarossa, Dan Breitman and Nancy Pazosamong the couple’s famous friends.

Honeymoon in the Caribbean

A few days after the wedding in Salta, Florencia Peña and her new husband traveled to the Mexican Caribbean for their honeymoon. As usual, the actress shared pictures and videos on her Instagram account.


Source: Clarin

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