Big Brother 2022: the participants saw the Argentina national team and left Alfa alone

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On Big Brother the participants celebrated Argentina’s victory against Australia in Qatar World Cup 2022 and left Walter Santiago, better known as Alpha.

On Saturday the ‘little brothers’ forgot their concern for the nominationsthey took a break from the fights and confrontations and broke the isolation again to watch the game of Argentina national teamwho scored twice against Australia and progressed to the quarter-finals.

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As happened in previous matches, the participants in the reality of Telefe met in the living room wearing their albiceleste jerseys and got ready to cheer on the Argentinian players.

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Tempers are heating up in the most famous house in the country and this was also noticed during the match. is that when Lionel Messi He scored Argentina’s first goal, they all celebrated together but left Alfa aside.

While the little ones hugged and jumped to show their excitement, Walter Santiago stood watching television.

To the largest participant of Big Brother he had no choice but to just celebrate the victory and that detail has not gone unnoticed by viewers, who have not forgiven the attitude of the ‘little brothers’.

Social networks were full of messages repudiating the actions of the participants.

“I’m not a fan of Big Brother, but I don’t think they’re all good… I don’t know how bad Alpha is otherwise… but leaving him alone to celebrate the Argentinian’s goal doesn’t seem like it and if it really wasn’t premeditated, you have to think about how good a person is,” said one user on Twitter.

Why doesn’t anyone hug Alfa when Argentina scores? I’m sorry…”, commented another user of the bird’s social network.

However, several criticized the Alfa for an attitude he had during a previous match in which he had made it clear that he had defended the flag of the United States.

“The Alfa boys don’t celebrate Argentina’s goals!!! Let’s get him out YAAAAAAA”, “Alfa’s anti-Argentine is getting worse and worse”, “Alfa must disappear due to its anti-country”were some of the comments on the aforementioned social network.

Strong crossing between Alfa and Maxi in the preview of the match between Argentina and Australia

Walter Santiago Y Maximilian Judges they had a strong cross before the match in Argentina and in front of all their team mates.

It all started because, to watch the Argentine national team match against Australia, Alfa wore the albiceleste shirt and completed the look with one of the typical scarves that he carries in his head every day.

This attitude raised doubts in the Cordovan who wanted to know if that handkerchief alluded to the Flag of the United States.

It should be remembered that Alfa lived in that country for 10 years and on a previous occasion it was very unknown after clarifying that he defended that flag. after that episode Many called it “unpatria”.

Before the match against Australia and outraged by the scarf Walter was wearing on his head, Walter’s boyfriend Juliana he wanted to dispel his doubts and asked him directly if he used it for the United States.

Alpha ignored her partner and he lashed out. “Okay, don’t say disrespect later. I’m asking if it’s your country’s flag, he plays stupid and doesn’t answer“.

The largest participant in the house reacted and scolded him. “What are you saying asshole? Why did you call me asshole?”, He wanted to know and insisted several times with his question when he saw the lack of response from Maxi.

In these days the climate is very tense in the house of Big Brother and in a few hours it will be known who is the new expelled. In this opportunity On the plate are Nacho, Daniela, Cata and Alfa and one of them will leave the reality Sunday evening.

Source: Clarin

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