Big Brother’s Agustín confessed to keeping photos of naked women and generated a strong repudiation

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Augustine of Big Brother He generated a strong repudiation on social networks and became a trend for his statements on photos of naked women. The young man assured this own material and would be willing to show it.

“Agustín just said he has a folder on his drive with everyone the nudes the girls sent him to use in case they sent one. Like this or more menacing? They should report it,” one Twitter user wrote.

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In detail, the young man was talking to his companions in the garden of the house when he said: “I saved everything in the Drive, therefore if they send some boogerI take the folder and…”. While the other participants Marcos, the Rabbit and Maxi listened attentively.

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Agustín’s statements caused a wave of criticism on the networks. “this is a crime hahaha if a prosecutor listens to him he has an obligation to act ex officio. This man is crazy,” one user wrote.

“Not only Agustin, if you say, say everything, Cone and Maxi also said the same thing,” said another Internet user, referring to the participants who were talking to Agustín.

Pajero and machirulo to another level, very undone. I still think macho people in these types of talks tend to throw those comments away to fit. For the same reason that no one says no since. We are sorely missed as a society, the Torah would say,” said another person on the bird’s social network.

At the same time, the viewers were in charge of listing all the negative attitudes of Agustín during these days. “Agustin’s last week is one horror x-ray: Julieta’s comment and if she doesn’t take it a ball she sends it to the plate, the comment on Lali and the consent and now this is added that I don’t even know how it is classified, revenge porn?” they wrote.

Agustín’s strong comment about Lali Esposito

In recent days the participants have talked about the possibility that a famous person enters the house and talks about it the name of Lali Esposito.

“Frodo” was very enthusiastic about the hypothetical arrival of the teen idol and in front of Alexis and Thiago said: “Uh, Lali is coming… you know what!” and slipped a totally reprehensible comment.

“I make him lift his finger even if he doesn’t want to”expressed Agustín, clearly referring to the possibility of having sex with the singer and the gesture of consent they must give to Big Brother to be able to have sex within the reality show.

The participant’s statements went viral in a matter of minutes, and Lali’s fans expressed their refusal on the networks.

Source: Clarin

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