‘Goodbye frodoneta’: The celebs who stopped banking Agustín from Big Brother after his reprehensible sayings

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In recent days, a video in which Agustín de Big Brother making reprehensible claims about what he does with the erotic photos women send him and many celebs cashing it in decided get off the “frodoneta”.

“Agustín just said he has a folder in Drive with all the naked which the girls sent him to use in case they sent one. Like this or more menacing? they should report it“Wrote an indignant Twitter user along with a video of the young man.

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In these pictures Agustín can be seen talking to Marcos, the Rabbit and Maxi. “I have everything saved in Drive, so if they send some booger, I take the folder and…”, he argued while his companions listened to him attentively.

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The truth is that in addition to many viewers who repudiated the young man’s words, there were also many celebrities who decided to do the same and announce that they got off the “frodoneta”the name his game acquired due to Augustine’s resemblance to Frodo, a character from The Lord of the Rings.

one of them was Jimena Baronewho posted: “With savings naked to extort I go down, that”. While the reporter of intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 13:30), Maite Peñóñori, shared Agustín’s video and posted: “Have they come down from the frodoneta yet?”

“I saw Agustín’s videos and then I looked for a context so as not to get the first impression. The context was worse… I come down from fraudulence and I hope the outside can be deconstructed with this and learn how we all do it day by day,” wrote Martín Pepa, a former participant of GH.

Another of the celebrities who spoke about it was Malena Guinzburg, which he took the opportunity to reiterate their beliefs with the statements of the participant. “I’ve never been on the frodoneta, I’ve never bet on Agustín. But hey,” he tweeted.

At the same time, youtuber Daiana Hernández released: “I got off the frodoneta, man.”

The indignation that Agustín’s sentence has caused in the networks

The young man’s statements generated a strong repudiation on social media to the point of transforming the participant into a Sunday trend.

Pajero and machirulo to another level, very undone. I still think macho people in these types of talks tend to throw those comments away to fit. For the same reason that no one says “che, no da”. We are sorely missed as a society, the Torah would say,” one Twitter user wrote.

While another viewer listed all of Agustín’s sayings. “Agustín’s last week is an x-ray of horror: Julieta’s comment and if she doesn’t take it, she sends a ball to the plate, the comment on Lali and the consent and now this is added that I don’t even know how it is classified: revenge porn? “, she ruled.

The episode you mentioned Lali Esposito happened days ago when together with other participants they talked about the possibility that some famous person will enter the house and they mentioned the singer’s name.

Then Agustín expressed his joy at the hypothetical arrival of the idol teenager and said: “Uh, Lali is coming… you know what!” and slipped a totally reprehensible comment.

“I make him lift his finger even if he doesn’t want to”shot referring to the gesture of assent that must be given Big Brother being able to have sex on the reality show and imply that he was going to force her to do something even if she didn’t want to.


Source: Clarin

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