Here comes the grand finale of the Argentina Song Festival, with tributes to Gieco, Denis and Malvecino

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Tonight Tuesday, with the aim of continuing to develop and stimulate popular music, the fourth edition of the Argentine Song Festival, at the CPM Multiscena Theater.

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Renowned artists such as José Colángelo, Los Tipitos, Bruno Arias, Sol Mihanovich, Manuela Bravo, Maxi Pachecoy and Delfina will participate. There will be tributes to figures such as Leon Gieco, Sergio Denis and Horacio Malvecino.

In addition, the ten finalists will sing, who will be able to win the prizes for the best piece for author/composer in the “Argentine song 2022” and “Best performer 2022” categories, as well as the prize for the best performer.

The judge

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The jury includes representatives of SADAIC, AADI and SADEM, who have chosen the ten finalists who will be part of the gala in the categories Rock, Pop, Tango, Folklore, Latino, Urban Music and Electronic Music.

All the artists will participate in the official album of the festival, produced and broadcast in collaboration with FaroLatino and will automatically become part of the shows of the grand gala which will take place at the end of 2022 together with great musicians of all musical genres.

Part of the proceeds, together with the contribution of the CAFIM (Argentine Chamber of Musical Instrument Manufacturers) will go to the Fundación Sistema de Orquestas Infantiles y Juveniles de Argentina (SOIJAr).

Finalist songs

  • “SING VICTOR SINGS” by José Bendelé
  • “COLIBRÌ” by Rubén Raffa and Mariana Grisilione
  • “COLOR ACUARELA” by Horacio Alejandro Rodríguez and Eduardo Fabián Vega
  • “GET MY SKIN BACK” by Carlos Rossi
  • “MY WORLD IS YOU” by Brian Carboné
  • “I DON’T WANT” by Guido Castro
  • “PIGEONS AND CORDAGE” by Clementina Panozo Esquivel and Santiago José Reos
  • “REQUIEM FOR YOUR ABSENCE” by Diego Alberto and Jesús Hidalgo
  • “IF I DON’T HAVE YOU” by Mónica Sajnovick
  • “I AM MY OWNER” by Florencia Cosentino and Marcelo Predacino

The organization has the musical direction of Dany Vilá (Sandro’s musician and arranger and Grammy Award winner), Alejandro Pont Lezica, among others. The guide will be Nora Briozzo.

The Argentine Song Festival was born from the dream of producers, artists and industry professionals in the pursuit of generating true recognition for the work of all Argentine authors, composers and performers.


Source: Clarin

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