This year Ed Sheeran has sold more tickets than anyone, even Coldplay, how did he do it?

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Returning to the streets after three years without touring was a new success for Ed Sheeran: top ticket sales chart after strong activity in Europe where played for over three million fans.

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It’s not the first time the redhead has won the traditional Boxscore award for best seller of the year since then his previous tour ‘The Divide Tour’ earned him the same distinction in 2017, 2018 and 2019the first all-time record of $429.5 million in total gross.

That long tour of two consecutive seasons culminated in record gross receipts and number of tickets sold: $776.4 million and 8.88 million tickets.

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current figures

On his current “The Mathematics Tour,” Sheeran finished third in gross (with $246.3 million) but it ranks first in the number of tickets sold, with 3,047,696 tickets in 2022.

To reach that number, Sheeran had 63 performances between December 13, 2021 and September 25, 2022, averaging 48,376 tickets per night. But the figure does not reflect actual events, as it includes eleven ‘warm-up’ concerts in small clubs and theaters across London and Dublin, with capacities ranging from 357 tickets at Dublin’s Whelans to 5,230 tickets at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

If those shows are discarded, the true panorama of his “Mathematics Tour” remains in sight: 52 stadium concerts, with an average of 58,287 tickets per performance.

As an additional information, almost all cities (except Helsinki in Finland) have requested multiple performances, usually double on Fridays and Saturdays. The highlight was London, with five dates at Wembley, where broke Coldplay’s record in Paris, with four dates and 100,000 fewer people.

Other cities where Ed Sheeran broke the 200,000 attendance barrier were Manchester and Munich, where he filled four stadiums each.

what remains

While Sheeran’s previous tour set a world record, all indications are that “The Mathematics Tour” can surpass it, because the 2017 first leg was in closed, smaller-capacity stadiums.

According to statisticians, this current tour is 7% ahead of the previous tour.

“The Mathematics Tour” will have 12 dates in Australia in February and March, plus 24 North American shows in the northern hemisphere summer. If the singer decides to extend it, he may surpass his previous records, but not otherwise. In the event of an extension, he could return to Asia, South America and South Africa.


Source: Clarin

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