Pinky is dead: her time in politics, the blooper from when she was almost mayor of La Matanza and her final exhaustion

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Lidia Satragno, better known as Pinky, had a break in her successful career to venture into politics: she was almost mayor of La Matanza for the Alliance and at the hands of the PRO became a national deputy. This Thursday he passed away at the age of 87.

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Pinky took her first step into politics hand in hand with her friend, the radical Rodolfo Terragno. It was with the birth of the Alianza, the coalition that brought Fernando de la Rúa to power. And he immediately faced a very complicated move: he launched himself for the mayor’s office of La Matanza, a historically Peronist stronghold.

Pinky made a good call, but her debut was overshadowed by the mistake of claiming victory prematurely. “I feel wonderfully well, everything seems to indicate that I am the new mayor of La Matanza,” she said half an hour after the end of the elections.

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At midnight he would have had to retract to accept the triumph of the Peronist Alberto Balestrini. Likewise, the television plaque “Pinky won in La Matanza” was immortalized.

After a long hibernation, in 2007 he went for revenge and hand in hand with Unión Pro won a seat in deputies. But he fulfilled his mandate and never ran for office again.

Years later, in radio statements, he said that Congress had “hurt him”. “I was feeling very frustrated. I don’t want to know more about politics,” she said.

The journalist Alfredo Leuco, in an editorial he did on Radio Miter a few months ago, said that when he was a deputy, Pinky was so embittered, “They persecuted her so much that she had a thrombosis and almost died”. He called his time in Congress as “one of the brightest and rotten times of his life.”

“She has always fought and despised authoritarians and that is why she remembers a sinister day when Néstor Kirchner had to take the oath in the lower house. They threatened her, they made her life impossible. La Cámpora sang atrocities to her from the stands of the Congress His son Gastón said that the whole family was persecuted during Kirchnerism”, added Leuco.

And he continued: “Pinky was about to become mayor of La Matanza on the advice of Terragno and with the card of the Alliance. Some say that the elections were stolen from him, imagine what would have happened in La Matanza governed by clean hands and Pinky’s ability? Would the mobs have allowed her to do what needed to be done? We’ll never know.”

Raúl Lavié, with whom she had two children, said in 2019 that “Pinky was very affected by her entry into politics, it was a big blow and they left her alone”.

“She earned dislike, those who looked at her with envy fell on her and this was generating, inside her, something to enter,” speculated Lavié in dialogue with the radio program Agarrate Catalina.

And he added, at that moment: “He got a little tired, and little by little he lost the desire to go out. Now it seems he has recovered the mystique of living.”

Source: Clarin

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