Pinky is dead: the intense love story with Raúl Lavié, father of her children

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For years They were one of the most established and loved couples in the artistic environment. She, the star TV host; him, the tango singer and actor loved by the public. This was the relationship between Lidia Elsa Satragno, Little finger for everyone, and Raúl Lavie.

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They have been married for almost a decadebetween 1965 and 1974 and They had two children: Leonardo and Gaston. The eldest, who together with his brother had formed the musical group El Signo, died in 2019, at the age of 54.

Despite the distance after their divorce, Pinky and Lavié have maintained a cordial bond and a fluid dialogue, supported by their children.

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With edges rounded by time, the former couple publicly met more than once in a television studioalmost always in the programs hosted by Pinky (and with her children as producers), to remember the good times, the same ones that a large part of her audience shared with a certain nostalgia.

how they met

What was one of the medium’s most iconic couples in the late 60s and 70s, met in the corridors of the studios of the old Canale 7, during a Lucho Gatica show.

It all started as a crush and eventually became a familyof those who appeared on the covers of magazines showing their happiness.

They were accompanied by fame and success in their respective careers until nearly ten years after their marriage, the marriage came to an end.

More than thirty years after their separation, during a visit of the singer to his ex’s show, he humorously pointed out the musician’s weakness for women, something that apparently always blamed him.

“Of course, you had to win an award called min-ón,” the host then told him, referring to an award Lavié had received called Min-On Arts Awardd.

Separate but in touch

Each of them then took their own path: she, Señora Televisión, with her flirtation with politics and without neglecting the media, and Negro Lavié with her artistic career and the new family formed with Laura Basualdo, with whom she married and had two more daughters. Years later, with the restoration of the relationship between the exes, the dialogue resumed.

“If we had recently separated, we could have gone to shows to throw plates at each other’s heads,” Pinky commented on one of her ex’s visits to one of her shows. “And we’d make mangoes,” the singer added. But she stressed that they had achieved something better: “To see our children and our grandchildren grow up and to be able to talk like this, face to face, without rancor.”

On more than one occasion, before falling ill and having difficulty going out, the conductor went to see Lavié in several of his theatrical performances, such as when he starred in The cage of foolstogether with Nito Artaza and Cecilia Milone.

Before the pandemic, when he had a brief return to television, after rehab, in the period messy memorieson the Public TV screen, who had allowed the exposure of Pinky who didn’t seem in good health.

The time of the pandemic

During the pandemic, while spending time in a nursing home (and sharing moments with her friend Chub Fontanawho was in the next room), Lavié was unable to visit her due to health measures.

“With Lidia, we haven’t been together for more than 40 years and counting, so I don’t want to get too involved,” he clarified, trusting in the care that his son has given him.

“She’s in her own world, I don’t know what’s going through her mind. I believe she is there, at least cared for by my son and the people who love him. This is the only thing that really matters to me, that you have peace of mind ”, Lavié had expressed in a radio interview.

Then he added: “He is already out of our hands, he does not want to leave the house and these are things that are not understood, but I respect him a lot and I hope he is well. I, at 85, want to start over and she, almost the same age as me, wants to finish it. Everyone must respect the calls of the body, mind and spirit”.

Always present in the life of his ex, today with the news of Pinky’s death, Lavié has also been by his side, accompanying his son Gastón, in the procedures to fire his mother.


Source: Clarin

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