Moving post by Lizy Tagliani in memory of her mother 11 years after her death

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With an emotional post he shared on his Instagram account, where he has more than 6.2 million followers, Lizy Tagliani remembered her mother Rosa Gallardo, who died 11 years ago. In just a few hours, it had more than 50,000 likes and almost 4,000 comments.

“11 years since that December 8th… the phone rings and suddenly everything stopped, I was at Jorge’s birthday party and in the background @ceciliamilone sang with the voice of freedom Lamarque, your favorite singer, It’s like you’re there saying hello to me that it’s okay, I’m leaving but everything will be fine, like when you went to work,” he captioned his letter.

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“Silently got up and left the party, didn’t want to ruin my death hahaha You’ve always told me that no one is more responsible for what happens to us than we are, so in life you have to fuck as little as possible,” she continued.

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From that day until today I have always remembered you so many stories together… me under your yellow skirt, I hold your hand, I sit on a bench between your legs, I stand next to you, I’ll wait for you in the corner for you to come back, I always need you. ..”, the humorist recalled.

“I don’t want to be selfish and focus on my sadness, I just want where you are to be well, happy, smiling and without any pain of those so cruel that have touched you in this life and if it’s not too much to ask, I’d like to know One day, when I have to travel, I’ll find you sitting in a corner waiting for me to hug you and go on for eternity fearing nothing,” wrote the comedian.

“Here I feel you in every hummingbird, in every butterfly, in every dive, because you loved the water and near Punta Lara that river that calmed your anxieties every summer Sunday and I didn’t like it for its dirty waters hahaha. How can I not love the simple if you were a millionaire of values ​​with nothing. I always love you mom,” she closed the publication emotionally.

When viewing content uploaded by Lizy. Several celebrities and friends reacted to the post. Barbie Franco, Geraldine Neumann, Connie Ansaldiwho dedicated an “Oh Lizy… thank you always for all the love you spread” and Cecilia Milonethey contributed some emojis to go along with it.

Her love for Sebastian Gabot

A few days ago, Lizy shared photos and videos of the birthday party that was held in the garden of her house for Sebastián, her partner. “We spent a beautiful Sunday with friends… I want to @ all the places we order stuff because they really went over the top and I think it’s a nice gesture to thank each other’s work,” she posted, thanking everyone who participated in some way

In another publication Lizy had uploaded a photo of the couple, in black and white, together with a message of love: “Happy birthday my love, have fun, I love sharing life with you… I love you”.

From what the comedian has shown in his networks, it was a day full of emotions, swimming pool, family and friendswho spent an afternoon in the sunshine, enjoying a fun party with drinks and delicious food.


Source: Clarin

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