Big Brother 2022: Thiago saved Maxi and Agustín, Nacho, Julieta, Marcos and Romina remained on the plate

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It was a difficult night Big Brother. Between the excitement of putting up the Christmas tree for the first time away from his family, there have been several participants who have broken up to feel distant from their own.

But on the other hand the tension was placed on Thiago, who for being the leader of the week He had the power to save one of the six candidates on the plaque, including Agustín, Nacho, Marcos, Maxi, Julieta and Romina..

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summoned by Santiago del Morowho asked him to start mentioning who he was leaving on a plate first, Thiago didn’t hesitate and Augustine was the first to choosewho celebrated in a sensational way by continuing on the plate.

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“I already know who I will save and I do it with my heart”Thiago anticipated it, clarifying that he would make the name known at the end, when the driver would ask him. For his part, and to everyone’s surprise, Agustín thanked for being on the plate, “because I want to know how I can vote”convinced that he has the support of people outside the home.

Then Tiago she also left Nacho on the plate because with him “I have less affinity than others that I will save”He explained. Far from getting angry, Nacho clarified that “everything is fine with him. I guess I already know who he’s gonna save”.

Halfway through the programme, when del Moro returned home, he asked him to give a new name to leave in the nomination which will define a new elimination next Sunday. Thiago chose Juliet to stay on board. Leaving Maxi, Marcos and Romina in the race.

Thiago’s favorite participants

Subsequently, and at the request of the driver, Thiago spoke beautifully of each of the three candidates that they stayed and brought out what he liked best about them. “With Romina I get along very well right from the start. As soon as we entered she started cooking and I and her companions. We have an excellent relationship and a very good coexistence. She’s always doing something because she doesn’t like to sit still and I have fun with her. Sometimes we fight, but we laugh a lot“, She said.

“With Maxi we also had a lot of affection from the beginning. I feel like a brother, like a friend I’ve known for a lifetime. He always said things to me for the best. She has never talked to me behind my back and that speaks volumes for a person. I like to share with him what I do exercises, ”she defined.

Finally he spoke of Marcos: “The cousin is like a brother and a friend. He is the one with whom I train the most and we stay together. Even if he speaks little signs, we understand each other. He teaches me many things with that of jiu jitsu or how it’s called, I’ve grown fond of it, I’ve appreciated it and I want a band. I enjoy spending time with him sitting and watching time go by, even if he speaks very little. But I still love him very much,” she said.

Therefore voted for Marcos let him also named. “I know they will support it. He’s a nice person”. He explained, letting Maxi and Romina save.

Finally, and to the surprise of many, Thiago saved Maxithen leaving the candidates plaque with Agustín, Nacho, Julieta, Marcos and Romina.


Source: Clarin

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