Guillermo Francella doesn’t stop and has already finished shooting another film

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A commercial airliner pilot, a flawless guy. When he is about to retire, he is extorted by the local secret services. They know of a very personal secret. And the man will end up carrying suitcases to Madrid…

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This is the node of extortionthe film -a thriller- starring William Francella (the pilot in question) e directed by Martino Zaidelisto be released on April 6, 2023 to then land on the grid of the HBO Max platform. The hits of Greetings Y The one in chargeand still in front of the cameras.

After shooting for more than two months in the hangars of Morón and Ezeiza – and awaiting a premiere that will arrive in the first quarter of 2023 – Guillermo Francella and Pablo Rago (the Services) talked to clarion about the creative process of the film.

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They complete “an incredible cast” (underlines Francella, who comes from the success of Greetings from Netflix) Guillermo Arengo, Carlos Portaluppi and Andrea Frigerioproduced by Axel Kuschevatzky and Muriel Cabeza.

The beginning of everything

“This is a script that I’ve had for a couple of years. With Martino Zaidelis, the director, I am united by affection, he is a partner of Juan Campanella“Francis says.

“In 2011 we made together what a beautiful series that was The man of your life; there Martino was able to direct six or seven of the 24 episodes. I’ve always seen him eager to grow more and more. And I always told him that the day he made a feature I would accompany him.

And immediately Francella delves into a key ingredient of the film. “What is a thriller? It’s a genre film and I, as a viewer, love to see them“, To explain.

“Because as an actor I had never lived a thriller. And it seemed to me a very very very attractive script. So when one is protected by such a solid scriptwell done playwriting, that is growing so well, that motivates you,” he continues.

The pandemic and after…

“It was a long process,” says Guillermo. There was the pandemic, plus I already had two projects closed early –Greetingsthe hit Netflix movie, and The one in chargethe series by Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn for Star+- and then it came the conspirators. So everything was sorting itself out so we could do it this year. And as an actor, I enjoyed dealing with it.”

looking for the character

An ordinary guy, then, a commercial pilot, a good life, Ezeiza as a second home until… something goes wrong. Something happens that will change that man’s fate. How is that creature made?

“Rehearsals are vital for me; there they exchange things with the director to determine what the character wants. But something very specific happened to me as an actor, which could happen to you in the newsroom, to me acting, it can happen to a kid in a law office or a doctor treating a patient.

“I had to ask myself this question: what happens to a mortal before a specific moment that changes his life forever? Something you don’t see coming and as an actor you have to count on as plausibly as possible. A challenge, an acting journey that fascinated me,” sums up Francella.

And it deepens the conflict. “He’s a respected airline pilot, dear. A boy who, faced with something specific, is summoned by state intelligence to perform a clandestine task …

“From there he will enter a spiral from which he will not be able to escape. He is trapped. All of that was a big acting challenge. Which made for a very, very enjoyable shoot,” he points out.

Without repeating and without blowing…

And since we’re talking about thrillers, why not ask about your favorite movie of the genre. “Uuuuuuyyyyy!”Francella exclaims/says with that tone tan-francella, but dribble. “There are many, even now, with the platform phenomenon, I spend my time watching series that leave me hooked. If I have time, I can eat all 10 episodes in one night.”He says…

And in return, he immediately lists his series podium: “I like them OzarksI really liked it too the AmericansI loved it HomelandsIn short, there are many,” he concludes.

Fasten your seat belts…

No doubt it must be strange, from one day to the next, having to “pretend” to be in front of all those clocks and fly a jumbo jet…

“It’s true, because we were with real pilots who advised us what it was like to sit in that habitat. Seeing those 115,000 clocks, odometers, levers, buttons, lights, something that forces you to be very careful…“, invoice.

“Stand in front of one of those planes and see it from over there — something that measures like a building — and you can’t believe such a mole can fly. We spent a lot of time in hangars, a lot of time on top of an airplane… living the ‘universe of them: Ezeiza, the Jumbo, the world of hostesses…”

But he immediately clarifies: “By the way, My wife, María Inés, also helped me, because she was a stewardess for many years in Austral, so she told me ‘be careful, this is yes, this is no’In short, they have taken great care of the details, you will see. He’s done really well on the art, the costumes, every area has been showcased and when they see that – I’m sure – they’re going to see something identifiable and beautiful.”

Pablo Rago, he resumed again

Pablo Rago is particularly happy to have participated in the film, he says, “besides because it is a great thriller and because I worked in a team of great camaraderie and talent, above all because It had been about two and a half years since I had made a filmwhen i filmed Theft of the Century and The Magic Night“, He says.

“As soon as we met Guillermo we renewed our vows of affection for so many years; think about it We have known each other since 1982, as he remembered me (I thought later) with my favorite songI was only 10 years old“, invoice.

“And I’ll tell you what – he continues -, I keep getting nervous with him. In this case we have several face-to-face scenes. I am his counterpart in the story, And the truth is that at first I felt a little nervous. But Guillermo made me feel very comfortable and respected from the first moment.

“And when an actor of Guillermo’s stature gives you the green light, supports you (in fact, days later I even dared to ask him about the character) it makes you feel very good. And he told me: “AyyyyyyyI want to address you, baby!“, says Rago in tone tan-francella.

“Well, direct me, Dad! When you act, direct me,” I told him.

“A Screenplay by Scorsese”

Rago says this is the first thing he said to director Martino Zaidelis after reading the story. “‘What captured me about this film is that’It’s like a Scorsese screenplay’, I said. ‘Well thanks, but I’m not Scorsese,’ she broke off. You’ll see that he put a lot of emphasis on realism, that we didn’t see the threads being played, and I like that.”

“And another thing that struck me about Martino is that he’s clearly a publisher, and it shows: I saw when he had the plan, he said ‘ok, that’s it‘, a sign that the sequence is very clear in his head. On the other hand – and any method is valid, mind you – there are directors who prefer to take several shots and then choose”.

Up to the first

In cinema, the end of shooting means that post-production begins. The entire editing process and various technical details up to the final tape. How does the actor experience that wait?

“It’s the strangest part of the job, in fact my job – and that of the entire cast – finished a few weeks ago and now … we have to wait. And that’s good, because you’re already stripped of what happened on set. Of course, once the time is up, you may be like, ‘Nooooo, how did they not put that shot. It was nice'”, concludes Rago.

And despite the fact that he has become an experienced and respected airplane pilot, and despite the fact that his wife has known how to work in the clouds for years, and despite the fabulous experience she has had, Guillermo Francella is honest and clarifies before saying goodbye: ” As it happened to me Before the conspiratorsIf I have to fly, I’m shit as always.”

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Source: Clarin

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