Home Entertainment Pitched battle after a recital by L-Gante and Callejero Fino in Montevideo

Pitched battle after a recital by L-Gante and Callejero Fino in Montevideo

Pitched battle after a recital by L-Gante and Callejero Fino in Montevideo

A fierce pitched battle ensued after a recital attended by well-known Argentine artists such as L-Gante and Callejero Fino on Montevideo’s Rambla. The reasons that generated the hand-to-hand fights, with punches and even bottle shotsThey are unknown. The concrete thing is that the festival, called “La China”, ended up marred by these serious incidents.

The most concrete version of all those that have been circulating is that everything started when a group of young people who were in the VIP sector began to throw alcoholic beverages towards the area where the other participants in the event were located, located a little further down.

The unrest did not take long to grow and, in various videos that quickly circulated on social networks, young people were seen arguing not only with each other but also with the security officers and with the Prefecture agents, in the immediate vicinity of the scene.

According to Uruguayan media, no one was arrested and some members of that force suffered minor wounds. In addition, it was reported that the mayor of Montevideo has imposed a fine on the festival organizers and will launch an investigation to detect other possible irregularities.

“Preemptively Authorization revoked until further notice. They will no longer be able to organize events or parties in that tent. They had another party scheduled for today at 6.30pm which has been suspended,” official sources told the Underlined website.

Fernando Herrero, one of the organizers of “La China”, told the country’s press that, in the midst of the incidents, there were people who took advantage of the steal booze and even cash registers. “We suffered a lot of damage,” he complained.

Furthermore, he stated that he did not know the trigger for the excesses, but assured that, in no way, the situation had gotten out of control due to a lack of security agents. “By our standards, we tripled the amount,” Herrero said of the staff assigned to do this.

Meanwhile, regarding the revocation of the permit, he indicated: “It attracts my attention and it saddens me. It is something that concerns us directly, but that we cannot control. I hope that it will be definitively revoked and that the events ahead of us can continue to unfold.”

The official press release of “La China”: “Respect for others has been broken”

The organizers of the event released a statement on their official networks this Sunday. “We should wait for hours to pass to make a statement, but no. we totally indignant, angry, sad, disappointeda blend of sensations that makes us write this,” the text began.

“7 years ago we made ‘La China’, and we have always prioritized togetherness, friendship and fun. Yesterday respect for each other was broken, for those who went to have fun without screwing anyone over, for those who worked, for those who wanted to enjoy the shows, ”she added.

And he added: “All year we made a great effort to give our audience the best productions, the best artists, the best parties, and look how we ended up closing the year!!!!”.

“We are deeply sorry for what happened, we don’t share anything that has to do with violence, we apologize to those who went to have fun, we apologize to our work team”, the statement concludes.


Source: Clarin


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