Pía Shaw leaves LAM: who will be his replacement

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To everyone’s surprise, Ángel De Brito announced that Pía Shaw will be leaving THEY (America, at 20) at the end of the month. The conductor and the speaker they had kept the matter in absolute secrecy to this day, Monday, when they announced it on the air. Such a secret had existed on the subject that even the other “little angels” were amazed by the news. Furthermore, they reported who will replace Pía: it will be Marixa Balli.

Although Pia Shaw will quit her job a THEY Just at the end of the year, Marixa Balli will join the program from next Monday. De Brito made it known, happy that the news of the entry of the new “little angel” had not leaked before he could give the scoop on the air. This will be the first time the singer, dancer and businesswoman has performed on a television panel.

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For her part, Pía Shaw stressed that her choice to resign from the cycle led by De Brito for America is not linked to a specific new job offer or any problem with someone in the program, but rather to a strictly life choice personal.

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As they explained, the conversation between the driver and the speaker in which his departure was decided took place on the same day today. “I said to Ángel: ‘See when we tell it later’…”. And, of course, he decided to whitewash the situation immediately.

Pía assured that not even her parents were aware of her departure THEY. “I had only discussed it with my boyfriend,” she said. And he assured that “no one from the channel” even knew about it. “Pía is a genius: he didn’t even tell his mother!” said Nazarena Vélez, another of the panelists of THEY.

“Mom, I’m fine. And Angel didn’t kick me out!”Pia joked. Then, the driver underlined: “Let’s clarify, because with this kind of news, the family starts thinking ‘they kicked her out, she messed up with someone, she has a health problem…’ (Pía) has nothing Pía is perfect, she’s healthy and she’s going on vacation, even if she doesn’t know where yet.”

That said, the driver of THEY he underlined: “Pía is an excellent professional and a great colleague. I have known her for two hundred and twenty-five thousand years. We spent (together) three wonderful years on the radio. And in between, these two years of THEY“.

Addressing Shaw, Ángel said: “Here, everyone loves you. You know it. In this channel and where you go, you leave good memories.” “I told him today: I love it when people make these life decisions and decides to step aside and see what happens DeBrito added. And the best will come, because Pía always goes to work.”

The speaker who will replace Pía Shaw

Subsequently, Ángel De Brito revealed that Pía’s place will be filled by Marixa Balli. And he clarified that until December 30 both will coexist on the air, given that the lookout will become part of the program next Monday. “This incorporation had already been arranged a month ago -he assures-. And fortunately it has been kept secret until today”.

In this way it was clear that Balli had been invited to be part of the cycle even before it was known that Pia Shaw would leave her seat on the jury. “That day (when Balli was summoned), I opened the door of the production house for her and took her to the office,” Pía recalled.


Source: Clarin

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