Jin, the member of BTS, started his military service in the frontline

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Jin, the oldest member of the South Korean band BTS, entered an army training center this Monday, December 12, which is for him the beginning of compulsory military service as dozens of fans and media gathered at the venue’s entrance to capture the moment and say goodbye.

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However, Jin’s entry into the military center located in Yeocheon, 60 kilometers north of Seoul, was devoid of any emotion or farewell gesture.

Both the artist and the agency representing the band had urged BTS fans to do so did not come to fire their idol.

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danger of crowding

In fact, given the possibility of dangerous gatherings (a particularly sensitive issue in South Korea after the tragic human avalanche that took place in Seoul on Halloween), 300 members of the emergency teams were deployed at the entrance to the barracks.

In any case, what a few dozen of the artist’s followers and a multitude of media cameras were finally able to see was just a convoy of six black vans with tinted windows -virtually all cars in the Asian country use tinted windows- who access the military base.

It is believed that the rest of the BTS members may have been on board as well. of the vehicles that Hybe has arranged to say goodbye to his partner. But who could assure that.

The last image of Jin, 30 years old and whose real name is Kim Seok-jin, that fans stick with for the moment is the selfie he posted two days ago on the social Weverse wearing a military cut in which he said that Fits “better than expected”.

in a dangerous place

The singer chose to carry out his military service – mandatory in South Korea for all able-bodied men – in a border unit, considered the first line of battlesince the two Koreas have technically been at war for more than seven decades.

You entered the center today You will receive basic training for five weeks before being assigned to a unit in the area, where he does patrol and other day-to-day activities they are considered tougher than in the barracks far from the demarcation line.

Having opted to join the military, where the advantage is two to three months less than the Navy and Air Force, Jin is expected to complete his military service around June 2024.

After years of uncertainty over the band’s future due to military service, and after a law reform allowed members of BTS and other K-Pop artists to enlist within two years – until they turn 30 -, the group has announced that it would take time off until at least 2025 and that until then all its members would take the opportunity to do their military service.

Jin will be followed by Suga -He turns 30 on March 9-, who according to military and music industry sources, according to military and music industry sources, is performing a substitute social benefit instead of military service, due to the serious tear reported in his left shoulder and from which he underwent be operated on in 2020.

Jin’s last artistic activity was in Argentina, when he was a guest singer in one of the ten shows that the British band Coldplay played at the River Stadium. There, the South Korean artist performed The Astronaut, a song he composed together with the group led by Chris Martin.

Source: EFE

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