Agustín, the eliminated from Big Brother, repentant: “I know that I paid very badly to the people who supported me”

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Overwhelmed and still trying to assimilate what caused her to step into the Big Brother 2022 house and out for a public vote, this Sunday, Agostino Guardi assures he’s sorry. His case is particular: after being one of the favourites, in a few days he became one of the most hated by the fans who expelled him with 76.47 of the votes.

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The one who was nicknamed Frodo, by his followers turned his enormous popularity (some very famous as the Kun Aguero, Jimena Baron and Bizarrap, who later stopped supporting him) when he commented that he did a drive with intimate photos of his ex-girlfriends and which he intended to use to extort themif “they sent a booger”.

But the reality is that it was the opposite: he was the one who screwed up and now, a few hours after the release of the Telefe reality show, he has found himself with a large audience against which has criticized several of his attitudes.

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I wanted to do it to go out. At one point I felt pressured and cornered because at home they questioned my sexuality and that’s why I reacted like this “, he justifies himself. “But I know it was wrong and I apologize for it “.

A history of pressure

According to the participant, he felt pressured especially by the group of men inside the house and for this he had no idea better than to make that comment. “That was how I found to stop bothering myself. And with that meI paid the people who supported me very badly. I wanted to make a move to go out and see what it was all like outside but I was wrong. I was wrong,” she insists.

In addition to disappointing his audience and generating controversy for his attitudes, Agustín admits that his family could have felt bad about his behavior and what it has generated in public opinion. “Maybe I hurt them too and I regret it, but they know me, they know the person I am, the values ​​we share and this gives me peace of mind,” he says.

In his last days before leaving home, Agustín he also had questionable behavior towards some of the participants, as in the case of Giulietta who bothered with borderline comments and looks. “I think I was good with the girls, they were the ones I had the most fun with.”

And he explains: “It happened at the moment when I felt I had to assert my manhood. I wanted to try to fit in and that’s why I reacted like this. But I spoke to her and everything cleared up. I didn’t like doing that and I wouldn’t do it again.“.

The desire to return

Now he awaits the rematch to reach the final with his friend Marcos, with whom he established a good relationship in confinement and who questioned him less during his life together. “He’s a great guy, but I’m actually fond of all of them, way more than they think,” he says.

If the experience of living the reality show will be unforgettable for some of the participants, in Agustín’s case, it is probably much more so. “We all make mistakes and I’ve learned not to make them again. I also take a class to learn more about limits.”

Despite the refusal received in these first moments away from home, Agustín is confident he can return in the future repechage. “I hope that people understand me, that they don’t condemn me and therefore they can realize my dream and vindicate myself,” he says. “I would do everything more normally and play with people again, with my strategy.”

When he entered reality, Agustín he presented himself as a specialized strategist due to his huge fandom for the game. “The prize is good, because my family is humble and there’s never too much money, but my dream is to go down in history as one of the best players in the world.” Big Brother, which is the game of coexistence between people. And I love it.”

Agustín, 25 years old from La Plata, introduced himself as a political analyst and, in addition to his passion for GH, intends to live on communication. “I would like to work in the media, do radio or stream or on television. Now I’m calmer, I feel satisfied with the production. And the landscape will become clearer,” she says.

For Agustín, whether or not to return to play is still pending and he assures: “If I don’t return, my life will go on and I will continue to watch the game, which is the game of my life, my passion.”

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Source: Clarin

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