Dejected cry of Agustín when it comes to his participation in “Big Brother”

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Agustín is, without a doubt, the most controversial player at home Big Brother (Phone). This Tuesday, the eliminated young man gave an interview barbarossa (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 9), where he burst into tears as he spoke of his much-repudiated strategy.

In recent weeks, Agustín has changed his behavior within the reality show: went from being one of the most loved by the public to being one of the most hated.​

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Is that his statements on an alleged drive with photos he had on his computer with photos of naked girls, added to his statements about Julieta Poggio, another of the participants and what he said about Lali Esposito.

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Due to his statements, the youngster was widely disowned by the networks and lost his fans. AlsoHis family released a statement ask the Telefe cycle stop treating Agustín like an “aggressor”.

Already from the outside of reality, the participant gave an interview on the Georgina Barbarossa program and explained his way of playing.While explaining that everything he did was by strategy and that he doesn’t think so, he cried inconsolably in front of the speakers and apologised.

“My head was pretty messed up and they were also cornering me. They were talking bad about me and it hurt me a lot“, the young man began by saying in front of the gaze of journalists.

“It’s been a really fucked up two months. I’ve felt a lot of pressure, harassment. They’ve messed up my sexuality. When I started showing myself in a different way, guys didn’t tease me anymore,” she said.

But then he could not continue to speak clearly and collapsed: “But it was too late… he had already said a very unfortunate sentence. And The only one who stayed with me was Marcos, who told me to forget about a change, enjoy. He was the only one I could feel comfortable with.”

As for the Drive, Agustín supported it “does not exist” and that I could never do that.

At the same time, he clarified that although the girls in the house seem “very nice” to him, they are not his type. “The girls are really nice, we danced, we made smoothies, I gave them massages. With Juliana, Morita, Coti we spent a lot of time.”

And about his behavior, he assured that it was a strategy because everyone excluded him and spoke ill of him. “I felt like I needed to adjust. I felt offended, harassed, angry. Blocking is very difficult. I made a serious mistake and I paid for it”.​

Of his departure, he said he is a strategist and ended up leaving but not in the way he wanted. “I wanted to go out, look for information from the outside to serve me and go home. The great protagonists of Big Brother have done so”.

“I’m not coming to justify myself. I understand that many people have felt offended. That’s why I’m here to apologize. On this day, since I left, many people have contacted me. Many people have supported me,” she said.

Georgina asked him what Agustín was like in his childhood, to which he replied: I liked to sing. My dad has a rock band and I grew up singing with him. I loved Mambrú and I dressed as Tripa”.

The 25-year-old told it graduated as a political scientist last year and who loves social sciences and communication.

Source: Clarin

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