Sex symbol forever: Graciela Alfano turns 70

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This Wednesday, December 14, the actress, former model and former lookout Graciela Alfano turns 70. A true emblem of Argentine eroticism which has known how to reinvent itself as often as necessary. And that from scratch he built his little empire based on natural beauty (at least at the beginning) to perpetuate itself half a century later on the shoulders of a political incorrectness that seems to know no bounds.

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The ancient Greeks classified their deities into two broad categories: there were the gods and then the demigods. The latter, a step below the former, often exhibited gifts of divinities, but also carried human genes. And here maybe we should square this girl who sings the seventies today.

Yup, It is true that Graciela Alfano is already a grandmother and as such he loves to play with his granddaughter Nina. That since she was 3 he still hasn’t noticed Her grandmother posts stunning photos dressed only in a micro bikinisomething he did this year, just a few months ago.

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This female version of Dorian Gray (well, helped by some cosmetic surgery today, that’s true) continues to remind us that a true diva never ceases to be perennial.

cousin sister

Not everyone knows that Graciela Inés Alfano Casanova is a cousin (cousin sister for more information) of that another monument to Argentinity What is Moria Casan? We should investigate a little about the Casanova family tree, the surname of both stars. Surely we will find far away and long ago an alchemist great-great-grandfather.

a druid who has found the secret of timeless female beauty and perpetual in the family. But be careful, because as far as cousins ​​are concerned (not singers, but these ones) it has always been a love-hate relationship.

Let’s take for example some statements that the beautiful Graciela made to Jorge Rial in the midst of the pandemic: “From the age of 4 to 7 I was abused. And an abandoned girl, because my father traveled a lot and could only see him once a year. My mother sometimes spent the night elsewhere and she forgot about me … “.

“There were whole days when I didn’t eat. Just a little condensed milk and since I didn’t know how to cook, I took raw eggs, poked a hole in them and sucked them.”

Moria’s response on the networks was immediate: “Hello cousin, playing down the moment of your childhood, I read that you said you lived by drinking condensed milk and sucking eggs. Can you tell me on the cellphone what the therapist said to you when you told him?

And well, family is important…

In the beginning, the magazine

But how did it all start? How did Graciela Alfano become so famous? To find out, we have to go back more than half a century. Then the two weeklies of current events that dictated fashion, People and Siete Días, exhibited the vernacular royalty of the jet set on their pages and featured the most surprising youth clothes of the moment on their covers. They were the famous “girls of the summer”.

You will surely remember that from there, names such as Jorgelina Aranda, Liliana Caldini, Teresa Calandra, Mora Furtado, the Brazilian Anamá Ferreyra, Florencia Canale, Adriana Aguirre, Mirta Massa have risen to fame (more or less ephemeral, more or less popular) over the years. and Raquel Mancini among many. And of course Susana Gimenez.

However, Alfano’s case is particular. And very particular.

On March 13, 1971, she was elected queen in the competition held by the magazine Seven illustrated days entitled “Finding Miss Seven Days”. A contest in which a whole battalion of photographers and journalists have been touring the beaches of Mar del Plata and Villa Gessell since the previous December, tracking down potential candidates.

Out of a total of 200, only about 50 were photographed by publication and 10 were selected for the grand finale at Mar del Plata’s then-prestigious and now defunct boite Enterprisse.

Thus, around 4:30 in the morning that day, the jury chose Graciela Alfano as the most beautiful of all. And from that moment he began to appear regularly on subsequent covers.

Curiosity: if we take a look at one of those first covers where it appeared (more precisely that of September 6, 1971) the main title said “Advice, how to become young at 70”. It seems that the girl followed them all to the letter.

50 years ago society was different. The country was different and planet Earth was very different. Far from any feminist accusation of objectification that myriad of gorgeous bikini babes blended no matter what industry they ended up in.

Some have chosen to be celebrity stars, others have chosen to be couture models and many have also become actresses. Or at least that’s what they tried. Many have been left behind. But the Alfano was fast. He saw his train coming and jumped onto it with a nimble leap.. And he never came down again.

And it was all of this together: model, actress, star and something else (speaker, presenter, generator of big and medium scandals, girlfriend of many, lover of many, wife of few, she said she was an engineer, but there were plenty those who denied it.) in a seamless ride that lasts to this day.

weddings and love

Graciela Alfano got married for the first time very young. To separate she was 19 when she said yes to Andrés Ruskowski, an alliance from which their first son, Nicolás, was born. But the marriage didn’t last. Worse still, the relationship with the son was rather thorny (he blamed his mother for the estrangement), and only after several years did mother and son manage to put him together.

Her second marriage was to take place in 1982, after she met a businessman Henry Capozzolo two years before. He was the heir to an important family fortune and they had two sons: Francisco and Gonzalo.

That union lasted until 1993, but the divorce was only granted in 2007. In the meantime, she met a movilero from the television program ice and lemonnamed Matías Alé and together and for ten years they starred in one of the most media-mediated couples in the environment.

Faithful to her “sincerecidal” style, a few years later Graciela commented in a note: “When we were separating with Quique we gave ourselves away. Him with his lawyer and I with my lawyer.

Despite having a good post-marital relationship, Capozzolo did not like that his ex-wife was shown topless and sensually dancing in Memorythe program of Chiche Gelblung, and publicly recriminated him. Nothing, family things (part 2).

But it was many years later when she invited him on the show. the periscope (América, 1996) that he drove with Carlos Monti, where something more than a friendship with Diego Maradona began: “That night the porter of my building calls me and tells me that Diego was with his truck at the door and a giant teddy bear saying “I love you”.

Graciela Alfano made a banner out of the scandal and for this reason she paid no attention to the consequences. Her love affairs with powerful men were sensational and even whitewashed by herself. Like the relationship she, she says, has had for a long time with former president Carlos Saúl Menem.

“I was with Capozzolo,” Alfano said, “but Carlos was separating from Zulema. He had an impressive crush on me, and even when he broke down he asked me to move in with him at Quinta de Olivos”. In short, did we almost not have Alfano as first lady? Well, let’s continue.

“Carlos wasn’t the only president I was in a relationship with.” The eyes of the speakers surrounding her widened. and heJey Mammon is almost dissolved. It happened during the report that who drives today made in 2021 Rock of Morphi.

Although Graciela had already said that she had an affair with Mauricio Macri, that evening she elaborated on the details: “We had agreed to have a threesome with him and another man…”.

“But I didn’t like what he had chosen. When the street bell rang, I was doing a striptease for him (Mauricio) in the living room and as his clothes were left in the room, as he opened the door I slipped, got dressed, I took his wallet to pay for a taxi and ran away,” Alfano said.

In recent years, the actress seems to be dedicating herself to telling hidden aspects of her life. Intimacies that obviously also include illustrious characters from the show. A long list of names could be made, but let’s go to the most high-sounding ones.

Like what he said he had with Palito Ortega. At the beginning, in the program real secretshad told Luis Ventura that he had “a touch and run with El Rey while he was in an impasse with Evangelina Salazar”.

But then, in Intractable, he gave another version: “They misunderstood me, it was something platonic that I came up with when Palito directed me in a film (Crazy about music1980, where Ortega was actually the producer), there was no meat”.

Romance with El Potro Rodrigo, with a witness

with the foal Rodrigo Good They met during a photo shoot for the magazine. People in 1998 and at the request of Beto Casella, then special editor of the magazine: “It was very intense (Rodrigo), the love story lasted less than three months and my neurons got fried. Beto saw us making love. Sometimes we met at the house of (designer) Jorge Ibáñez”.

Like the actress Graciela Alfano shot 23 moviesof tones as varied as his novels.

From bad comedies with Jorge Porcel (The fat catastrophe1977; female photographer1978) to the remaking of classics (shared apartmenttogether with Tato Bores and Alberto Olmedo, it was the Creole version of odd couple) and even movies with social content (The drug addicts1979; Shot of air by Mario Sabato, in 1980).

He has made television dramas (Dare1990; gas carrier1998; The sod of my life2001) and worked as a speaker at morning angels, us in the morning, show partners. She was a director, and appeared as a jury (Dancing for a dream), in several years since 2007.

also of course starred in big media fightslike the one she had in 2010 with Aníbal Pachano, both working as jurors in the Danceand that almost ends up in court.

But beyond all this, scandals and loves today she continues to be remembered as one of the great female beauties of all time and for…um…a certain part of his body in particular. As she herself told a magazine in 1999: “My tail is a national monument and is perfect. The Obelisk comes and then the tail of Signora Alfano”.

And who will argue? Happy 70s, lady!

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Source: Clarin

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