Judas Priest: The high priests of heavy metal, a genre that refuses to rust

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It is inevitable, for the journey lived, but short. At the end of Turbo lovera title that at the time has generated a division of assets among the fans by Judas Priest due to the incorporation of digital elements, an image of Messi hangs at the back of the stage.

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Who knows if because the song is from 1986, they choose to believe, the Birmingham quintet decides to indulge in that gesture, with the passage of the Argentine national team to the recently secured World Cup final, the only possible grandstand for a totally dedicated stadium.

The agreement is tacit. The gang chooses not to go overboard with demagoguery and audience omits any song like “he who doesn’t jump is an Englishman”although the band does not fail to make the image of the Union Jack appear on several occasions.

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The “British steel” which entitles one of its most famous albums (British steeloriginal from 1980) has more connotations of toil and work, class consciousness and perspiration, than anything else that can be inferred.

speed and electric dreams

The glory of the band, its central subject, is centered between the mid-1970s and 1980s. It was then that the best alloy was forged: a sound of twin guitars, an imagery of a certain style and imperfections that few perceived that the singer Rob Halford (the first to come out, in the late 1990s) drew on his familiarity with gay culture.

Speed ​​and electric dreams to become the vortex where hard rock definitely becomes heavy metal.

Rob Halford’s voice, one of the unmistakable of the genre, responds as a 71-year-old man can, but trained by virtue and experience. He blends in as the show goes on, and in that crescendo his legendary treble emerges, a trademark style that is completed with an impressive appearance.

As if he were the priest of some interstellar cult, his command of the scene is peculiar: a few steps there, others there, while the efficiency of the other four musicians supports their proclamations.

How was the concert

The show is a compendium of classics, controlled and stainless, put together almost like a musical. A Heavy Broadway still appetizing for fans and outsiders alike. His repertoire does not shy away from starting with three pieces in line with the badge Screaming for revengean album that turned four decades this year.

those titles, Hellion/Electric Eye, Riding the wind, You have one more thing coming upthey leave the audience warm: a sea of ​​men and women dressed in black, except in the case of the national team shirts.

Theatrics reaches its peak in Hell bent for the skin, an ode to the aforementioned outfit, where Halford does not hesitate to enter with a Harley Davidson motorcycle and confirms to that International Brigade of Nobility that is the metal community who, yes, they all came for the same thing. And that the engine is not ready to stop.


Judas Priest

Qualification: Very good.

musicians: Rob Halford (vocals), Ian Hill (bass), Scott Travis (drums), Richie Faulkner and Andy Sneap (guitar). Stay: Movistar Arena, Tuesday 13 December.

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Source: Clarin

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