The anthems of the World Cup: who is DJ Tao, the Argentine who is conquering TikToks together with Callejero Fino?

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Suddenly, when not even the musician expected it less, DJ Tao has become one of the sensations that is conquering Argentinean fans during this exciting World Cup.

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A month ago he launched his own Session #723 together with rapper Callejero Fino and beyond the video exceeds 43 million views Rather, the theme was spontaneously chosen by a large number of fans in Qatar to encourage the Argentina national team.

Until now, this new version has already been used in more than 40k Tik Tok videos that have gone viral. For example the bill globalism.arg which has 3 million views or the account on a tile which accumulates more than 2 million visits.

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One of the attractions to choose it is its text, which in the margin says “Welcome to Argentina, the land of Maradona, of fernet, of roast, creator of fashion, mate, folklore…”

DJ Tao’s career

The producer, DJ, composer and singerDJ Tao has been collaborating for some time with the most important artists of the the bullfighting scenelike Kaleb di Masi, Ecko and Callejero Fino himself in this one Session #723 which is currently number 13 in the Top 200 on Spotify Argentina (and peaked at number 11) and has now crossed borders to reach Qatar.

A feature of the sessions of Tao is that they take place in their “auto del turreo”, with typical rhythms of the genre and that they have the most important artists of the moment as guests.

This Tuesday 13 December, after the victory against Croatia, the Session resounded in all the stands and confirmed itself as one of the many “anthems” of this World Cup.

Javier Emiliano Ceballos, artistically known as DJ Tao, was born in Villa Luzuriaga. At the age of 10 he ventured into music by taking guitar and bass lessons, which he soon abandoned to study self-taught programs for remixing songs.

By the age of 14 he had made several remixes of cumbia songs with which he started working as a DJ. Then he started making remixes of reggaeton songs with which he achieved great popularity, highlighting his album he volume 8 and the single Tereu Teu Teu as a peak hit, with 26 million views on YouTube).

In 2015 he began his career as a producer, with I made you mine together with Maxi Toulouse. In 2017, together with his manager, he created his own record label, which ended up merging with Panter Music, where he produced hits such as Eclipse, Jester Y If you go by Lit Killah. He has also produced songs for Ecko and Papi Champ.

In 2021 he completely abandons remixes to produce 100% with his own lyrics, starting the “Turreo sessions”. Among his most popular sessions is that of Caleb of Masi with over 70 million views on YouTube and 50 million streams on Spotify. Performed by echo with 37 million views on YouTube and nearly 15 million streams on Spotify.

His latest hit, Session #723 together with Callejero Fino is a success that accumulates more than 37 million views on YouTube.


Source: Clarin

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