Matías Alé spoke to Graciela Alfano: the day they had sex in a bathroom and what was their great proof of love

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On his seventieth birthday, Grace Alfano gave an interview to matias ale for his program on Pulxo de Córdoba radio (FM 95.1), where he lives, and together they remembered their great night of sex in a public toilet and the great proof of love he had during a trip to South Africa. Then, they burst into tears as they explained what they had learned from each other.

The actor, who lives in Carlos Paz, introduced the diva with words of praise. “Today, December 14, the birthday of a person who was The great love of my lifea person that it taught me to travel, to relate, to eat and to believe, since we made the road to (Santiago de) Compostela together, and many other things. Time doesn’t pass by us, ”she said.

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Moved by his words, Alfano replied: “you taught me to open my heartYou are a person with a huge heart. You have the ability to see the good in people.”

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I’ve always been a very defensive person. with my guard up, and taught me to open up. And, of course, love dogs and all animals,” Graciela said on the phone from Claromecó, where she went to rest for a few days.

We had a great love story. It fills me with pride, it’s been 10 years of love and we’ve never had a yes or a no. I see you splendid, I know you are happy in this present,” continued Matías.

At another point in the interview, Joel spoke, host of the program, who told Graciela Matías was “tear-eyed”.

“He’s transparent, angelic, has good thoughts for everyone. That’s how he was born. I don’t want to get excited, but that’s how it is“, Graciela argued, and also broke.

At the same time, Alfano wanted to give advice to those who listened to her. “When you break apart, you need a push because otherwise you get stuck, but after a while you are left with the good. That’s the message we can convey,” she said.

About the beginning of their relationship, the actress recalled: “We met 24 years ago, when I was 45 and he was 22. Everyone criticized us. And this gave us strength. We created a precedent that when there is love, there is no age. We have been abused a lot, perhaps because we were too bright“.

And he revealed how it was his most controversial sexual encounter: “We met at a Jorge Ibañez parade. And later, on his birthday, We walked into a bathroom, we thought no one saw us, and everyone was outside, waiting for us…”.

“We came out of the bathroom and everyone was looking at us” added comrade Matías.

The actress also recalled the proof of love that Alé made for her. “Me, like toxic manipulator, I told him ‘if you love me, you have to jump. And bungee jumped 350 meters in South Africa,” he revealed.

Digging further into the matter, the actor recounted, “The trip was about jumping her kids, but when they were all there, she was like, ‘throw.’ And I told her, ‘no, I’m not going to jump.’ she said to me ‘if they had told you before they met me if you did this bungee jumping you spent a night with Alfano, what would you have said? And yeah, I shot myself’,” she said she wrote back to him.

To fire her, Matías assured her 14 years after their separation: “I love you and I miss you”. And she, excited, reciprocated the gesture: “At any moment I’ll show up there because I love Córdoba. I love you very much”.

“I’m recycling myself, trying to be better every year, kinder, more generous, less prejudiced and who accepts the affection of the other”, he highlighted what he has recently learned, before concluding the interview.


Source: Clarin

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