L-Gante responded to Tamara Báez after exposing him: “You don’t have to do those things”

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in the last hours Tamara Baez pointed against L-Ghent and assured that he wanted to see her with the intention of getting back together. Now, the singer has responded and denied her version.

From the door of his house, located in General Rodríguez, the creator of the cumbia 420 talked to the team in the afternoon (America, Monday-Friday at 3:45pm) and referenced her ex’s anger at introducing Wanda Nara to their common daughter.

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Is that a few days ago the musician shared an image of his daughter on the networks Jamaica in the swimming pool. The girl is held by two hands, one is L-Gante’s and the other appears to be Wanda’s.

It should be noted that the idol of cumbia appears ever closer to the media and in recent days a video has emerged in which they are seen almost kissing.

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The image the musician shared blew up Baez, who reacted with everything on social networks.

“If you’re going to introduce my daughter to women, don’t come stay with me LOL. A little respect, don’t do what you did to me with another. I’m sending you two kisses, because three is a lot of money, “launched Tamara on her Instagram account where she also shared a chat.

In private conversation it is seen that the idol of cumbia I asked if I could go and see her and made it clear he was carrying something. Turning to her, her daughter’s mother tells her not to call because she “was in one”.

In this regard, L-Gante assured that the child’s mother did something similar, implying that Tamara allowed her daughter to share time with a singer with whom she had a fleeting romance.

“If a person complained about it, It’s ridiculous, because something like this has been done”, said the interpreter of this Wednesday Malianteo 420 in dialogue with the cycle of America.

L-Gante got the message

Also, Elian Angelo Valenzuelawhich is the musician’s real name, explained why he wrote to his ex and why he wanted to visit her.

“If it’s true, I have been messaging Tamara, but not with the intention that appears. I have nothing to hide,” she acknowledged.

And he continued: “Seeing her is not what interests me, the intention was to fix a couple of thingsput everything in order.”

“You have to talk and put everything in order because there is a girl who depends on us“, held.

Though she questioned the attitude her ex had by posting on their networks, where they have more than a million followers, a conversation they had privately.

“But seriousness is also needed because you don’t have to do those thingshe mused.

Even if he assured it he gets along very well with his daughter’s mother and admitted that they perfected their relationship.

“In these days I had a great time (with Tamara), out of ten. Everything fixed, everything in place, everything in order. I headed towards responsibilities and making music,” she specified.

“We get along well with Tamara. I get along perfectly with ten, ”condemned L-Gante who, by the way, said so With Wanda “everything is perfect” and that they have something “every day”.


Source: Clarin

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