Mariano Closs and Pollo Vignolo “lose” the most important match of their lives

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They are super mainstream, the dominant thing when it comes to football stories. The most characteristic names of the genus. The most conventional. They penetrate all areas of sports journalism. We talk about it even when it comes to football. A Mariano Clos it’s at Chicken Vignolo they are imitated. The boys tell the games of the play copying their winks and trying to look like them. “Sing, sing, sing…”.

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Undoubtedly the symbolic status they both have. I am the Gordo Munoz and the Victor Hugo nowadays. However, they will “lose” the game of their life. At least they will be missed en masse, as befits the stature of their careers and the indisputable “local color” that comes from their voices.

Is there such a delusion? You miss them? Will they be sad? They will know about it role off and decidedly unspectacular what will they have in such a decisive case?

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Nobody is on TV.

TyC and Public TV have the rights at a time when you can’t listen to the radio and watch the screen the old medieval way, because there is always a delayone second before or one second after the goal.

In short, if we win, they will go down in history. Pablo Giralt Y Rodo de Paul. A second line (below, in popularity, the aforementioned Closs and Vignolo) and the coach of Barracas.

We ask the editorial staff of this newspaper and two or three colleagues say yes, which Closs and Vignolo have told us, but nobody knows where to specify. Then comes the news: the place where the top speakers in a world where Argentina reached the final.

They must be sad, yes. In our assumptions as simple football fans, it would be possible to imagine that both are the great off-field players, the part of the scene that we would be missing.

Where are they?

Sebastián “El Pollo” Vignolo did not appear on television during the World Cup. ESPN, the signal where he works, doesn’t have the rights to broadcast the games. In any case, the sports journalist, in addition to his cycle with Cabezón Ruggeri and company, is part of the staff of sports radio d (FM103.1), watch face that belongs to DirecTV Sports. The story is accompanied in the comments Enrique Macaya Marquez Y Marcellus Benedict.

Closs, for his part, works for a radio station in the United States. He looks exiled. Refers to Select from First radio footballstation located in Miami, far, far away from To be or not to be these days: Giralt on Public TV or De Paoli on TyC Sports?

And yes, they must be sorry. Almost like a discovery, like a success, like a discovery we make after the games, there are fragments of each other’s history circulating on the net. In the case of Closs and Vignolo, two entries from Systemit is as if tomorrow Tinelli aired from FM The tribe.

If we win, their voices won’t last forever. will not be i cosmic stem by Victor Hugo. Giralt, of public TV, is already heralding news on portals with emotional narratives that include a broken voice: “Ladies and gentlemen: we are at the end of the world…”. De Paoli has also done his thing with his trademark brotherly bonhomie Long live the country.

The networks show some annoyance. “Where does Mariano Closs tell? And they answer: “He tells it on the radio, but for a foreign chain.”

Nostalgic, there is one who advises with sincere enthusiasm: “Do yourself a favor: close your eyes and enjoy the piece of history that the best storyteller in the world, Mariano Closs, gives us. AND GALLOPS AND GALLOPS THE SECOND ARRIVE THE PIBE GOES THE PIBE GOES THE PIBE GOES THE PIBE GOES GOAL GOL GOL GOL”.

Even his colleague Pollo Vignolo -from FM 103.1- has his acolytes who reply: Penalty! Penalty, penalty, penalty, penalty, penalty for Argentina. The goalkeeper brought Julián Alvarez in front of him, incredible. Argentina were looking for this game, he was looking for a ball and a rude mistake by the Croatians…”.

Passion of minorities.


Source: Clarin

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