Deconstructed city: the first sex shop has opened in the Alto Palermo shopping centre

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That a sexy shop enters the universe of shopping, when shopping is the big brother of the windowsit might mean that feminism is already a brand.

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We recently found out: sex shops are made for women. Bah, saying “women” today is a recalcitrant antiquity according to the canons of political correctness. “Eighty percent of the things we sell are for people with a vulva,” they’ll tell us in a bit.

For men there must be porn. Man touches (also) with his gaze. The eyes are the sense of touch when that “is not touched”.

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What happens to us when the bed is filled with iridescent penises and inorganic erections? What sells the most these days are the “clitoral juices”. Something to do with the holiday spirit?

We have noticed that lately almost nothing is forbidden. The forbidden has ceased to be a way of life and one fine day the sex shop came out and installed himself like a superhero in the epicenter of the pioneer city of bike lanes and “sexual shopping” Hidden? Naaa, not at all: bottom right on the immense ground floor of the Upper Palermo.

A place not suitable for minors

Like a superhero, because the place is called Buttman. For kids it can be complicated because they read from one “Batman” and they want to enter. The only activity in all of Upper Palermo, not suitable for children under 18. Pegadito to a bookstore of English texts. And in a coffee shop.

The immediate antecedent, in terms of visibility, appeared less than ten years ago. Glass window on the street and an indiscreet window that neither Hitchcock, against the always gloomy landscape of the gallery with smoked windows.

This is how he presented himself in society sex shop avant-garde: under everyone’s eyes and mixed with admirable naturalness with the commercial splendor of the Palermitans. In 2015 you opened “Pleasure Space” in via Borges at 2100.

“Palermo Soho is more straight than anything else. Lesbians also come, but not gays. I don’t know, I think gays should move in very closed ghettos”, said its owner exclusively before confirming that “a lot of intimate gels have been sold because” we get bored of the famous previous games.

The Alto Palermo theme bounces on the networks. “The new sex shop, after the pandemic”. “In Upper Palermo they have opened a huge sex shop next to where you buy a blouse and in front of where you buy your baby’s clothes. Although there is no window, only by crossing the door can you see the shelves with the (…) hanging plastic orongas”.

“In Alto Palermo there is a large and bright Buttman shop. In my day the sex shop was a gloomy hovel in a squalid gallery in Lavalle”.

“Many banks have opened a sex shop in Upper Palermo”

“My sister without context: they have set up a sex shop in Alto Palermo”.

“Coming to the sex shop is my downfall. And finally they opened a Buttman in Alto Palermo. I can see where all of my income is going to go.

The first in a mall

Suddenly everything seems thematic. There’s a Sex Pistols vinyl in the Yenny’s window. We “surveillance” the door of the room while we read some information about it: Buttman, one of the most traditional sex shops in the country, open on 5th August a branch in Alto Palermo, thus becoming the first store in this area with a presence in a shopping center of this type in the city.

Dildos, stimulators, dilators, suction cups, fetish accessories, erotic lingerie.

We identified ourselves as journalists and went out to ask around the corridors:

-Did you see how cute? They opened a sex shop.

-Ahahahaha, it’s delicious -says a couple over 70-: it’s the trend, in Europe, there are already some in all the shopping malls…

-Are you entering?

-Of course.

The clerk of the nearby bookstore says so “everything is just fine” with the sex shop district. “Furthermore-he adds, a little relieved?-, Some people confuse it with a cell phone sales point…”.

At the Brioche Dorée branch we want to know what it feels like to work in front of a sex shop. The girl making the coffee looks at us concerned about the degree of curiosity. To all this, in the mileage window of buttmann the screen shoots uninspiring slogans: “Sex Therapy”, “Conscious Sexuality”, “Sexual Wellness Shop”.

Miguel Angel Huarte He is the owner of a place that will be remembered by the revisionists of Vanguardias & Progresos. “Sex shops are meant for people with a vulva”, He says. “80 percent of the items are designed for that consumption. The remaining 20 for people with a penis.”

The euphemism for being able to open

Buttman is a national (and popular) company, 20 years in business. Importers. The owner says the idea of ​​shopping sued eight months of negotiationuntil the parties agreed to change the concept of “sex shop” to “sexual wellness shop”.

The slow pilgrimage of these proposals has broken down three nominal taboos: we have gone from “porn shop” to “sex shop” and from there to the fantastic euphemism trendy of this monopoly: “Sexual Wellness Shop”.

“Being in a mall is a huge opportunity to show the country and human beings that our industry is something dedicated, essential and natural for people over the age of 18.”

-What would be the original purpose of a sex shop?

democratize sexuality. The sex toys we sell are not meant to complement anything in a person’s life. They must not replace, but complete every human being. A toy is a complement we recommend, because it’s nice to experiment with different ways of stimulation.

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Source: Clarin

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