World Cup fever has taken over a Wos recital, in which there is said to have been seismic movement

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The World Cup fever, in the preview of the final that the Argentine team will play this Sunday with France in Qatar, has taken hold in every corner of the country and songs in support of Lionel Scaloni’s team are heard everywhere. On this Friday night, the ragpicker Wos, one of the most popular Argentine artists today, gave a great recital in La Plata in which there was no shortage of support for the Albiceleste team and, as the residents of the Estudiantes stadium pointed out with concern The buildings shook.

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“Guys, now we’re excited again“, La Mosca’s version of the song that became an albiceleste anthem to encourage the team, thundered in the stands and on the pitch of the Estudiantes stadium.

There were several minutes in which Wos interrupted his show, the lights came on and the fans shouted at Scaloni’s team, which this Sunday will seek the third World Cup against France.

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The one experienced at the UN stadium was a real celebration, but for some residents there were moments of concern. Is that, according to the newspaper El Día of La Plata, many worried about the “tremors” that they felt on the walls of buildings.

It’s terrible how the building moves”commented one concerned neighbor to another. They heard the same thing a few blocks from the stadium, in zones 4 and 60, where there were those who came to think it was an earthquake.

Tremors and possible seismic movements, already studied by the National University of La Plata (UNLP), have two antecedents in the city: in 2005 during a recital by Indio Solari at the Ciudad de La Plata stadium and years earlier, in 1992. , in a classic remembered between Gimnasia and Estudiantes, for the exultation of the Lobo fans in a goal by Uruguayan José Perdomo.

As reported, the Faculty of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences of the UNLP has begun to investigate the possible seismic phenomenon.

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Source: Clarin

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