Sergio Lapegüe shaved live and his teammates mocked him: “He’s Valderrama malnourished”

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A few days ago, when Argentina was about to face the last matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Sergio Lapegue promised that if the national team were champions he would shave his head. And so he did it, live, on his show soon (TN, Monday through Friday at 8).

In midair, the driver sat down in a chair and he gave himself to his teammates in front of and behind the camera, so they go along with the promise.

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“I’m sorry my children see me bald, I hold the national team responsible if it doesn’t grow back. I feel like Elvis Presley”expressed Sergio, who reduced his workload, with his particular sense of humor.

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Mariela, her make-up artist, was the one who had the courage to run the clipper through her hair, although for a few moments her partner, Roxy Vázquez, did the same. “Um, I’m going baldhe said in surprise, but his colleagues convinced him that it suited him.

Lapegüe encouraged his teammates Marcelo Bonelli and Matías Bertolotti also do something significant for the triumph of the national team. Also, they were encouraged to pass the car over the driver’s head.

“I said for several days I would wear the national team shirt”, Roxy said for her part.

Already with the final result, the driver looked at the camera, and his colleagues passed the verdict. “It’s Valderrama malnourished”, they said and caused laughter from the whole studio.

The Promise of Rodrigo Lussich

But Lapegüe was not the only one to make a promise and keep it. Rodrigo Lussich He had also said that if Argentina won the World Cup he would shave his head. And so he kept his promise.

Rodrigo said on Friday he would shave his head if Argentina were champions. Just like Mariana Brey promised that she would do body painting and I would bring wine for the whole team” said Adrián Pallares show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 11am).

“Promises are kept” Lussich supported himself and handed himself over to his hairdresser who slowly shaved him to the surprise of his colleagues.

His colleagues Luli Fernández, Mariana Brey and Paula Varela watched him closely and all agreed that enough was enough and they asked the barber to stop cutting.

“I told you to pass it to me in three and you passed it to me in two”Lussich scolded the pro, referring to the intensity level of the car, even though it was already a bit late.

The triumph of the national team for which he had to keep his promises

The Argentine national team lifted the Qatar World Cup 2022 this Sunday after playing the final against France. The result was 3-3, and then they had to go to penalties, in which the team led by Lionel Messi ultimately won.

In the pre-game, Lali Espósito was chosen to sing the national anthem. In the stadium of Lusail, on the grass, the artist sang the verses of the national song and moved the thousands present.


Source: Clarin

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