Lali Espósito returned to Argentina and regretted the harassment situation he experienced in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final

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After starring in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final singing the Argentine national anthem, Lali Esposito (31) returned to the country, still moved by everything alive after his world title in Argentina.

“Already in Argentina. Hello miiii loveooooorrrrr we are champions“The actress and singer tweeted as soon as she set foot on Argentine soil.

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And he added euphoria to his networks: “Now those of my generation can say: ‘I saw Argentina as world champions'”.

Waiting for her in Ezeiza, along with a large number of followers, were the cameras of intruders (America, Mon-Fri 1:30pm), who first asked him about his great performance in the World Cup final between Argentina and France, which set a TV ratings record worldwide.

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I don’t know if you can describe it… it was a little crazy, a fantasy, bizarre and exciting. I think when something is this big, it all boils down to thinking about your friends, your loved ones and how you focus on that, because nerves are so many, as you can imagine,” said Lali, who – true to her style – has added to sing some of his songs and others in support of the selection of Lionel Messi and company with their fans.

And he added: “It was an incredible moment. No one ever cancels that for me in my fucking life.”

Then, the former Casi Ángeles stressed how close to the final they told her she would be in charge of singing the Argentine anthem: “I didn’t prepare myself. It was all about the bullfights, with the guys who helped me , with Marley. Seeing where I could find something to wear. Because I was all relaxed to do the program (for Por el Mundo: Mundial) and suddenly I had to sing the anthem. But while we do it, we shit ourselves laughing from the tension and end up doing something nice. A nice anecdote all the madness”.

“In a couple of hours I had to get ready… I called my singing teacher and said ‘I can’t, I can’t’. And she said ‘yes, of course you can.’ Nice people who helped me so that in a short time I can prepare for such an event”added the actress and singer, revealing the chat she had with her singing coach, Virginia Modica.

Lali and an unpleasant moment at the Lusail stadium

For her part, Lali was consulted by the fragment of the program Around the world: all over the world (Telefe) that went viral on social media where, before Argentina’s consecration at the Lusail stadium, a spectator with the Argentina shirt seems to be supporting it from behind.

At that time, she would not have known that this person grabs her by the waist and gets too close, but then in the net many followers defined her as a clear sexual harassment situation.

Perhaps trying not to overshadow all the good things that happened to her during her stay in Qatar, the artist first said: “No, I’ll focus on the cute.”

And then he said: “Unfortunately we always face it.”


Source: Clarin

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