Papu Gómez’s partner Linda Raff shared unprecedented memories of Qatar with the wives of the footballers

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Linda Raffwife Alejandro Papu Gomezgreeted his days in Qatar with a heartwarming post addressed to the wives of footballers who have been part of the Argentina national team and become champions.

Is that the World Cup in Qatar 2022 has come to an end and the players, who returned to the country with the cup in hand, were applauded by millions of people and made an unprecedented Olympic tour in a helicopter that flew over the City of Buenos Aires.

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After a month full of intensity, sacrifices and putting heart and soul into every match, these days, little by little, the players and their families are getting back to their lives and their personal projects.

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Linda Raff greeted this unforgettable moment with an emotional message dedicated in particular to the wives of footballers, which he shared on his social networks with unpublished photos and videos that show the complicity he had with them during this period.

“Happy to have shared this journey with you”, she wrote on Instagram, where she has more than 400,000 followers, and added a heart emoji.

“I keep memories, laughter, tears and unforgettable moments. Everyone shoots in the same direction, with the same aim. I will miss them”Be honest.

And he declared effusively on the recent victory of the Argentine national team: “WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS”

The post garnered more than 200,000 likes and was quickly filled with comments, many from the wives of the team’s players. Lionel Scaloni.

“Beautiful,” wrote Oriana Sabatini, who is in a relationship with Paulo Dybala.

“Beautiful. How nice to have shared something so beautiful together”said Agustina Gandolfo, partner of Lautaro Martínez, with whom he had his daughter Nina.

“Beautiful. Thanks for all the sharing.”, added Caro Calvagni, girlfriend of Nicolás Tagliafico.

“How nice to have met and shared every moment with people with so much heart,” said Lisandro Martinez’s partner.

“Thank you so much for the great joy and shared moments”was the message of Sabrina Di Marzo, wife of Ángel Correa.

The truth is that the influencer and architect also received hundreds of comments from his followers, celebrating the good relationship that existed between women.

Many have left comments also asking for Antonella Roccuzzo, the new wife of Lionel Messi, and for Tini Stoessel, who has been in a relationship with Rodrigo De Paul for some time. Since neither Anto nor “La triple T” are in the photos.

The promises made by the players’ wives

Everyone was expecting the triumph of the Argentine national team and for this reason many have made promises that they would have kept if Lionel Scaloni’s team had become world champions.

Many celebrities, such as Sergio Lapegüe, Guillermo Andino, Rodrigo Lussich Y Diego Leuconot only did they deliver what they promised, but they did it in front of thousands of spectators.

But the truth is, they weren’t the only ones. The wives of the footballers have also made their promises and it was Muri López Benítez, wife of Lisandro Martínez, who revealed it.

Talking to Georgina Barbarossa, the young woman said that if Argentina had won, she would have wanted to get a tattoo to remember that special moment forever.

“We haven’t decided what the tattoo is, a debate started because some wanted ‘that thing’ (for the Cup), others wanted the date, others something written in Arabic. There were different ideas.” It said in the cycle that Georgina drives on Telefe.


Source: Clarin

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