Paul McCartney recalls the day John Lennon died: ‘I really couldn’t talk about it’

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the tragic death of John Lennonassassinated on December 8, 1980, he was a shock to the world and the memory of his figure is permanent, even though more than four decades have passed. Paul McCartney, his former Beatles partner, just talked about it in a recent radio report.

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The talk was on The Beatles Channel, from the SiriusXM satellite radio network. Suddenly Paul started talking about the day Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman.

Her words

“It was so hard when John died! The fact hit me so much that I really couldn’t talk about it,” she said.

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“I remember coming home after a day in the recording studio -he recalled- when we suddenly heard the news. We turned on the TV and saw people saying who Lennon was, what he meant and if they’d ever met him.”

“I remember thinking I couldn’t do what all those people were doing. I couldn’t imagine going on TV and saying what John meant to me. It was a very deep feeling that I couldn’t put into words.”

McCartney also said he was finally able to process his friend’s death when he composed the song. here today On the disk tug of warsince 1982.

“I was in a building that was going to be my recording studio. There were a couple of empty rooms upstairs, and I sat down on the hardwood floor in the corner, with my guitar, and started pulling out the first few chords of the song.”

A friendship of fifteen years

Paul McCartney met John Lennon when he was 15on July 6, 1957. Soon after, he joined John’s group The Quarrymen as second guitarist. In February of the following year, Paul invited his friend George Harrison to see the band, and then auditioned for Lennon, who I thought was very young, even though he played very well. After a month of persistence, he gave it another try and entered.

On July 12, 1958, the Quarrymen made a historic single disc recording, with the theme be the day by Buddy Holly and one of the first songs composed by McCartney, Despite all the danger. Three days later, John Lennon’s mother Julia died tragically in a car accident, driving John to sadness. The event produced a dead end in the band and brought John and Paul closer together emotionally, who had also lost his mother two years earlier.

Since then, they have become the most prominent songwriting duo in history, always signing themselves as “Lennon-McCartney,” regardless of who had a greater stake in the creation of each song.


Source: Clarin

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