After her controversial expulsion, Juliana’s mother was terse with her own daughter

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Alexandrathe mother of Giuliana Diazthe sixth eliminated by Big Brother what re-entered the first repechage gala and this Monday she was expelled for violating the rules, spoke on television, the secret plan of his daughter and was lapidary in defining it.

On a mobile a Barbarossa (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 9.30), the mother of the young woman of one-eyed deer He began by talking about his daughter’s return to the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro.

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“He wasn’t expecting to come in, it was very sudden… even when she came in she said: ‘Oh, I didn’t bring pantyhose’, because she didn’t want to go in… she felt that the only one she wanted was Maxi (her boyfriend),’ she started saying.

And he continued: “Julia yes, there was confidence for the repechage on Monday (by popular vote) he was even campaigning with his fan club.”

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Therefore, Robertito Funes Ugartewhich this week is replacing Georgina Barbarossa in conducting the aforementioned cycle, he asked him why he believed it he had done what he shouldn’t have done.

“Do you think he was asking for expulsion?”wanted to know Robertito in clear reference to the controversial attitude of Juliana, who he told his classmates many things he had discovered during the time he was away from homesomething that was forbidden.

“No, no, no, it came too fast, The surprise won him, the adrenaline”was Alejandra’s first response.

And he added: “When he was chatting with the boys you notice it He speaks as if he were in the living room at home, even though he knows he can’t count…“.

“But all weekend Big Brother He warned her both inside the confessional and outside. However, she kept throwing the information away,” the speaker said Barbarossa Gaston Trezeguet.

“That’s what we talked about the other day, that she didn’t count it wrong… Outside they didn’t show that they were attracted to her and I thought ‘this idiot doesn’t realize it and he talks and talks’,” Alejandra recalled.

“I wanted to kill her. I realized that I didn’t realize it. Juliana is as you see her, zero evil, and even half an asshole in some things.” expressed the woman when defining it, leaving everyone present in the studio speechless,

Given the reaction of the speakers, Maxi’s mother-in-law tried to mend and described her daughter: “She’s super smart, she’s always worked, she’s great at her job, but here it seems to me that Emotions got the better of him.”

And he concluded: “She came in very suddenly, I didn’t expect it. Even though she had planned a game strategy in her head that was very good, because she came in and she was Coti’s best friend, no… She He came in to get along with everyone and play his game inside the confessional but then all of that just overwhelmed her.”

It is worth specifying that, among other things, Juliana told Maxi that she had sent people yelling at the door of the house. She also explained to some of her now former colleagues how she worked pluto tv and gave many details about how the players are seen on the outside and the support that each of them has from the public.


Source: Clarin

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