Lucía Galán presented two children from her home who are in a state of adoptability: “They have the right to a family”

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Lucia Galan presented on social media two little brothers aged 10 and 4 who are up for adoption in the house that he leads together with his brother Joaquín.

Singers have their backing side, and for more than two decades, they’ve been at the forefront Pimpernel house for childrenlocated in the Villa Martelli area.

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Two children arrived right there who hope to find a family in the coming months.

“We want to introduce you to these two little brothers who live in our house”wrote the artist on Twitter.

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And he continued: “They also deserve the opportunity to have a family that loves them, cares for them and makes their dreams come true.”

In addition, Lucía has added a video in which she tells a little more about the situation of the boys.

“I am Lucía Galán and I am right now in the Pimpinela Home for Children, this home that we have had as children for more than 26 years,” said the interpreter of Forget me and turn around in the duo Pimpinela.

Immediately afterwards he made a very special request addressed to all his followers: “And I wanted to ask all those families, all those fathers, mothers, couples, who have such unconditional love and a great desire to adopt, to tell them that The public tender for two wonderful brothers has gone out in our house”.

“She is ten, he is four. And sometimes there’s a stigma that when a guy is older he comes with a very heavy load of the past and he has affairs and it’s going to be problematic and I can assure you no, the two of them aren’t,” the singer reflected.

And he continued: “She’s cheerful, she’s warm, she’s warm. She has a little more difficulty learning than the other kids, maybe a little slower, but she has a lot of love to give… She loves hugs, she loves to play, she’s nice, she’s affectionate, she’s communicative, she does very well in school ” .

“And he’s four years old, he doesn’t stop, he is kind, always smiles, always gives love. They are both looking for a family, a father, a mother, a father and a mother, the kind of family that is so large and so wonderful that there is now,” Lucía said.

“They too have the right to have a family”Held.

And he continued: “Sometimes we stigmatize that because of their age they are difficult, complicated kids who will bring us a lot of problems, but I can assure you that since they entered until today the only thing they do is the only thing they know is to give love”.

And he closed by asking please to give both of them a chance and shared the email where those who want to adopt them can communicate.

The impact of your order on the networks

The tweet was quickly filled with likes. Also, many have helped by sharing the post and leaving comments of support and well wishes for the little brothers.

Hopefully soon these two suns will find a home with lots of love and affection. I love it and I’m proud of the work they’ve been doing every day for these 26 years,” commented one woman. “May the dream of these two little angels come true and live by giving and receiving love. The work they do is magical,” said another. “I hope a wonderful family can be found for those little ones soon, I have no doubt they will arrive soon and have a home filled with so much love,” added another user.


Source: Clarin

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