Débora D’Amato recounted the breastfeeding problems she experienced with Charo

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Less than a month after being the mother of Charo, her second daughter, Deborah D’Amato provided a cell phone for in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 3.45pm), cycle in which she is the speaker. There he introduced Lola’s sister to society.

In addition to being congratulated on how beautiful the baby was and how well she behaved, as she slept through part of the interview, Débora opened up and clarified that all is not rosy with motherhoodnarrating a situation he is going through when Charo feeds.

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“Something crazy happened to me that I spoke to the German hospital policewoman. With Lola I had a fairly peaceful breastfeeding. I’m one of the moms who want boys to be double, mixed, breast and bottle fed in case something happens to me, I like the girl to have alternatives,” the reporter compared.

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“Lola was born at 38 weeks and at that point she wasn’t very mature for breastfeeding. Then the thing was much more “lentil”. In Charo’s case, my doctor deceived me. I didn’t count the weeks,” she commented, as she nursed the baby alive.

“Charito was born at 40 weeks and when he came out, he came out practically sucking. The doctor told me “it’s a termite” and I never thought it would be so literal. It’s a termite and it caught on really fast”, acknowledged D’Amato, while making a recommendation to his partner Cora Debarbieri, who is about to become a mother.

It hurts at first, girls. Unfortunately it always hurts and you have every right in the world to decide you don’t want to give it or want it. It’s something very personal. I wanted to convince the doctor and I said ‘I know you think she doesn’t want to breastfeed anymore, but my breasts are bleeding’ ”, explained the speaker.

And she added that “I told him ‘thank you very much, but let me act as I feel.’ There Charo took a little more from the bottle, even though they asked me to give her less I was very underweight and could end up in neonatology if I continued like this“.

Thanks to this determination, Débora clarified that “The lolas have been cured and she is now as hot as a termite, but it hurts less to give the breast. Even if it’s something that’s like that because guys don’t know how to do it,” she acknowledged.

Lola’s reaction to Charo’s arrival

In another section of the speech, Débora spoke about other issues besides breastfeeding. “Charo was born with 3,100kg and dropped to 2,700kg, he looked like a minnow”, It was ironic about the baby’s weight.

Later they asked her about Lola’s reaction to her younger sister’s arrival. “Lola is a super companion to her. I want to lower the price of what she has to help me or feel the pressure to. Something very sweet happened the other day,” she teased.

Soon after, she told a sweet anecdote: “I was in the kitchen and Charo started crying. At one point, I heard a silence that scared me. And I saw Lola, in her panties, climbing into Charo’s cradle, rocking and with the pacifier on There she told me that she had put a pacifier on him because he was crying“.

About co-sleeping with her daughters, Débora clarified that “Lola was starting to sleep in her room and suddenly she was back in bed with me so I confirmed she was pregnant. So I didn’t push her and let her sleep with me. Charo now sleeps in her crib in my room.”


Source: Clarin

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