Rapper missing: Theophilus London has been reported missing by his family

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Theophilus Londonwho turned to rap, was reported missing by his family.

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They only reported her missing on Wednesday in a statement to Variety, and they said the last anyone spoke to him he was inside July 2022 in Los Angeles.

Since then everything is research. For me yes. A formal “missing person” report has been filed with the Los Angeles Police Department and “anyone with any information on his whereabouts is urged to contact the police or London’s cousin,” Mikhail Noel, on Instagram at @iamdjkellz.

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the musician of Trinidad and Tobago He is known for working with artists such as Kanye West, Tamed Impala and other.

As reported ETa Canadian outlet, the full statement from the London family is as follows: “Over the past few weeks, Theophilus London’s friends and family have been working together to piece together his whereabouts. According to reports, the last time anyone spoke to him was in July 2022 in Los Angeles.”


On December 27, relatives of Theophilus London traveled to the United States to file all “missing persons” materials with the Los Angeles Police Department. They are now seeking the help of the public with any information that could lead to his whereabouts.

“Theo, your father loves you, son.” “We miss you”. These are some messages from family and friends who are looking for you.

“Wherever you are, send us some signs. Whatever happens, we’ll come looking for you, son”signature Larry Moses London, father of Theophilus London, a 35-year-old man, black, five foot seven, “dark brown eyes.”

His debut EP Valentine’s daylaunched into Warner Bros records on February 7, 2011 was a relatively cool hit that had radio and television appearances.

This was the trigger for the debut album Timez they are strange these daysmixed by a major producer Dan Careyand counts once again with the support of Warner Brothers.

London was one of the stars of the Northside Festival in Brooklyn in June 2011. He also headlined the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Of him it was written: “Theophilus London will be great. Very big. The hype that has been building up for some time is absolutely deserved.”

In 2013, London revealed that the new album, vibrations, “was dedicated to my aunt, who recently passed away.” She also mentioned that she would be releasing a new mixtape titled I still want you it’s a PS with Jesse Boykins. In 2014 she announced that another album produced by Kanye West. appeared in the song jfk from Azelia Banks.

In 2018, he released the song flick with Tame Impala psychedelics, thus trying to open the market to a new audience. They even did a version of the song together Only you. His latest recording news dates back to 2020 when, in the midst of the pandemic, he released his third studio album entitled baby, album which was well received by critics.

The disappearance took the world’s media by surprise.


Source: Clarin

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