Free stone for Jared Leto in Buenos Aires

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In times when everything happens through social networks, actor Jared Leto was discovered by fans who were surprised to cross paths with him in Buenos Aires. As if it were a game of dominoes, the photos of several people who saw him multiplied, took a picture with him and shared it on Twitter, where it became a trend.

This has been the last few days ever since from December 27, there began to be records from the creator of the band 30 seconds to Mars thanks to the occasional followers of the networks, which highlighted the good disposition of the star.

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The first to notice that the actor was in Argentina was a Twitter user named Lucas Gonzalezsurgeon, who met him on 27 December in a tea house in Palermo and published: “You are in Buenos Aires, relax and suddenly you find Jared Leto…”. Of course, she took the opportunity to pose in an image with the Hollywood star and upload it to her networks.

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Look who passed by the door of my work today in Palermo. Literally take a walk through Argentina! I told him how good it is that he is in our country and enjoying himself! Great vibes him and super ready for the photo #JaredLeto #JaredLetoArgentina,” she wrote Jessica Herrleinwho coincidentally says in her profile that she works as a special effects makeup artist.

“You go out to get a second breath of air from your work and you run into #JAREDLETO”another user commented. And together with a friend they took a picture with Jared. “JARED LETO IN ARGENTINA he He came to experience the celebration of the World Cup,” speculated the journalist Damien Nakatchwho has an account called Let’s talk about cinemaand found him on the street and shared the news.

Some time later, another Twitter user called Hector Valdiviezo, also shared his experience with the actor. “I was working silently and @JaredLeto appeared out of nowhere xdddddd I love you queeeeeeeen.” He went to dinner at the iconic grill that night Don Juliusalways in Palermo.

Also, from an account that describes itself as “Obsessed With Jared Leto”They have uploaded a thread of photos and situations of the actor in Buenos Aires. “Jared Leto and his friend Emery Wells at a climbing club in Argentina. December 28,” he described one of those tweets.

“Jared Leto with His Fans”, was another of the publications this account used to show him different people in different situations. But with a common denominator: the good predisposition to chat with people and to take pictures.

The series by María Martha García Belsunce is recommended

Jared Joseph Leto was born on December 26, 1971. in Bossier City, a small town near Shreveport in northwest Louisiana. The winner of Oscars, Golden Globes, SAG and more celebrated his 51st birthday on Monday while enjoying the holidays.

On her Instagram account, where she has nearly 11 million followers, she shares photos and videos of her activities and walks. She also drew attention to that his latest interview for the Wall Street Journal recommended watching an Argentinian series.

I recommend watching ‘Carmel: Who Killed María Marta?’, about an Argentine murder. Trust me, watch it,” the singer surprised.


Source: Clarin

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