Home Entertainment Big Brother 2022, LIVE: who will leave the house this Sunday, according to the polls

Big Brother 2022, LIVE: who will leave the house this Sunday, according to the polls

Big Brother 2022, LIVE: who will leave the house this Sunday, according to the polls

A new edition of Big Brother can be enjoyed on the Telefe screen, with the conduction of Santiago del Moro. Each of the participants aspires to win the prize of 15 million pesos.

The “most famous house in the country” has 2,200 square meters, 65 cameras and 87 microphones. Big Brother It can be watched on Telefe on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and can also be watched live 24/7 on Pluto TV channel 141.


New in development

Coti continues to lead the polls

Despite many asking her to stay home because at least she “plays” and understands its essence Big BrotherCoti continues to be a leading candidate to leave the program this Sunday.

Very close to her is Ariel, who in recent days has quarreled with Alfa and has generated a certain hatred among viewers, who not only cheered on the 60-year-old player but also didn’t take well the way he started the game match arguing with your partner.

Thiago saved Daniela, but Big Brother canceled his save

As expected, Thiago, leader of the week, chose to save Daniela from the list of candidates that he shared with Alfa, Coti, Ariel and Camila.

But since in a conversation with Daniela, at dawn and between cuddles, he had suggested very clearly that he would take her off the plate, Big Brother has decided to cancel his salvation.

That way, it’s still there five candidates for Sunday’s Elimination Gala: Daniela, Coti, Alpha, Ariel and Camila.

Alfa and Romina have reconciled

After a strong argument they had on Wednesday when they did a cross in the bathroom because Alfa came out of the tub and Romina wanted to go into the toiletthey got together and had a deep conversation, in which they recognized each other.

Alpha asked him not to treat him badly anymore and pointed out that he spoke to him differently. While Romina was telling him that it wasn’t like that, and that they had to talk to each other so as not to quarrel anymore. until they embraced.

Romina and Alfa recognized each other after a hard quarrel. Television capture

If Thiago, as leader, saves Daniela, the save is cancelled

Daniela and Thiago, in conversation about breaking the rules. Catch TV.

Thiago, leader of the week, has the power to save one of the candidates, including Daniela, who was his companion inside the house, was eliminated when, at the time, he didn’t save her, and then returned thanks to the public vote in the repechage.

Santiago Del Moro has announced that if Thiago saves Daniela, his save will be canceled because he anticipated the play in a conversation with her.

“It won’t happen again,” he said, apologizing, a clear reference to the fact that now he could choose to save her.

Agustín has gone crazy with Julieta: will they punish him?

Agustín could end up being fined for his conversation with Juliet. Catch TV.

A few days after returning home, Agustín had a conversation with Juliet this could be interpreted as a violation of the law prohibiting speaking from the outside. whatDo you risk being penalised?

Frodo suggested to Juliet that Coti’s actions against her and Romina had been planned by Alexis the Rabbit.

“I saw a lot of things while I was here that I didn’t like at all. Maybe this move you didn’t like didn’t come out of Coti“Agustín said to his companion.

And he added: “El Conejo is very funny, but he is a very engaging person, not only with Coti, but also with Thiago. This does not justify, but understand it, why It has happened to all of us here that someone came, said something and it wasn’t”.

The girls sang “La tonta” by Jimena Barón

In the last few hours, a video has emerged in which some of the Big Brother girls are seen singing a nice song Jimena Baron.

It has been difficult weeks for the ‘little brothers’ with the changes that have taken place inside the house following the new members and the participants who have returned with the repechage.

The weather is hot but Romina, Julieta, Daniela and Camilathey relaxed for a while and enjoyed themselves.

The “Coti rap” that is very popular among the followers of Big Brother

No doubt, Cooked is one of the most controversial participants in Big Brother 2022.

From the production of the Telefe reality show they put together a report they called “Coti’s Rap”where they have collected the most iconic phrases of the ‘little sister’ such as the famous “que se vacha”.

Juliet’s insult that surprised her companions

On this hot afternoon, Marcos and Thiago played with water on the patio, while Julieta and Daniela sunbathed.

Then, Juliet complained that she was getting wet and shouted: “Enough… they wet me. Who was it? The shell… of his mother.”

“Hey… where is the princess?” Thiago was surprised.

Juliana has given her opinion on Maxi’s decision to stay in the house

“I’m glad Maxi isn’t leaving”Juliana acknowledged, speaking with Juariu on Telefe’s Twitch.

“I was tired of being locked upof some measures… I had been thinking about leaving for a while”, added the expelled participant, making it clear that the Cordovan had been thinking about leaving the house for some time, which in the end did not happen.

Julieta Poggio’s mother told how she sees her daughter on Big Brother

Patricia Destefani analyzed her daughter inside the house: “She has gone through different phases. He has been here for more than 70 days, with which there have been many stops. At first it was to find his target group and see who he felt comfortable with. Then she started integrating with almost everyone. In fact, affections changed, as in every coexistence “.

Talking to El Show de Ulises Jaitt (Radio XLFM, Monday to Friday at 1pm) he then highlighted Julieta’s perseverance in making herself known by the media. “She’s been pushing her to be in the media since she was very young. She’s an actress, a dancer and has been doing it since she was very young. She’s been casting since she was four. If that serves as a springboard to launch for juli … Many already know who Julieta Poggio is, it has already served her well, Juli has already won”condemned.

Read more.

Giulietta Poggio and her mother Patrizia. Photo: Instagram.

Daniela, very close to Thiago

Daniela has returned home with the clear intention of pursuing Coti and taking revenge on Thiago.

When he returned, he was indifferent to whoever his mate was inside the house, but as the days went by, he was once again shown to be very close to him. Now, they took a nap together.

On the networks, the images of Daniela and Thiago in the same bed began to go viral and users wondered if this was also part of their plan for revenge.

Others have speculated that Daniela, named yesterday, would approach Thiago, leader of the week, with the goal of saving her from the license plate.

Thiago and Daniela, very united. Catch tv.

Thiago and Daniela, in the same bed. Catch TV.

Separation from Tomás Holder

“Folks, let me clarify my ex partner didn’t hit me. Everything that happened was psychological. The relationship has become toxic and we have decided to end it,” clarified Paula Balbi, after there was talk of gender-based violence by the former GH.

“Just clarify to avoid audio and video out of context… Thank you all for the beautiful messages you send me”, added Rosario.

Read more.

Paula Balbi and Tomás Holder, relationship over.

Who are the candidates to leave the house, according to the first polls

Social networks are burning ahead of the next elimination gala Big Brother. And just as many reality show fans believe, the participant leading the polls is Cookedaccumulating the majority of votes against.

In detail, many viewers believe that Corrientes’ attitudes will leave her out of the loop.

However, many others wish Ariel become the tenth entrant to leave the house by popular vote.

The other candidates are Camilla, Daniel Y Alpha.

Thiago’s fans went to yell at him that Daniela made it spontaneous

After Daniela made a spontaneous candidacy against him, Thiago’s fans entered the house and from outside began to warn him loudly about it. Also, they advised the participant to stay away from Torah.

Marisa Brel started campaigning for Coti

Coti has been nominated and is one of the strongest candidates to go on Sunday. For this, after seeing the first polls, the panelist Marisa Brel has whitened her favoritism for Correntina.

“I agree, beautiful friend. Like Coti’s game or not, I can’t imagine GH without her”, He wrote in response to a Telefe producer that in a Twitter message he wanted the controversial gamer to continue on the reality show.

Alfa criticized Ariel after the nominations gala

After Wednesday’s appointment, in which Alpha voted Ariel and vice versa, the player of North area He strongly criticized his partner and called him a “fat asshole”.

“He’s an important asshole… but I say things to his face, I don’t say things from behind”Alpha said the Torah in a conversation they’ve had alone for the past few hours.

Daniela was close to Thiago and there are doubts about her attitude: Love or strategy?

Although Daniela, back in the repechage, had assured that she would no longer be with him, she is getting closer and warmer to Thiago.

Now after being named she went to ask mate to comfort her and also He asked her to tell her that he loves her and to show her his feelings.

Is it a strategy for him to save her since he’s the leader of the week or is he falling in love again?

Camila has been nominated and is afraid to leave the house

After being sanctioned by the production, which sent her directly to the plate, for leaking information from abroad, Camila got together with Julieta and asked her for advice so that the public would not remove her from the reality show.

Maxi joined Ariel in badmouthing the Alfa

After the nominations gala, Maxi locked herself in the room with Ariel and taking advantage of the fact that there was only the Rabbit, him he started badmouthing Alpha.

What did he tell her? He told him about the unpleasant episode that Coti experienced with the 60-year-old players, who was accused of sexual harassment after a controversial sentence thrown while lying down.

“At one point she lays down and says ‘look’. I don’t know if she’s put on deodorant, really, butHe covered himself with padding and says ‘look, Coti, look, it looks like a deodorant'”Maxi told Ariel, that he gets along well with Alpha.

Source: Clarin


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