Rian Johnson, the director for whom Netflix paid 450 million dollars

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The boy is wearing a suit and tie – a knitted tie, matching the light blue jacket and a shirt with a wide collar. The thing is rian johnson That’s it. We don’t know if that’s how you walk in life, but in presentations of his films he usually dresses more than formally. And for the exclusive interview with clarionfor the first of Glass Onionfrom Netflixwith Daniel Craigit is, therefore, jacket and tie.

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The 49-year-old director has already been nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay of Between knives and secrets (Knives out2019) and many predict it Glass Onion it will give you another chance to win the prize. And some are even pointing to the Netflix movie getting even bigger nominations.

Johnson had directed a few episodes of breaking BadY Looperswith Bruce Willis, when he had the chance to do the Episode VIII from Star Wars, the last Jedi.

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With all that background, he sat down and wrote the script Between knives and secrets, imagining a slightly outlandishly named detective (Benoit Blanc), who has to solve a murder in a house, and called on Daniel Craig to play him. Craig was in the prime of James Bond films and agreed to be part of a huge cast.

The success of Knives out led to this Netflix has offered $450 million to Johnson if he convinced Craig to do two sequels.

Of course, they already released the first one, Glass Onionand Johnson here tells us how the script of the third works.

These are Zoom times and interviews no longer than 6 minutes. So you have to be specific in your questions, but save some more personal ones, about your next trilogy of Star Warsand his own band, a duo in which he plays the banjo.

-I wonder if he knows Argentina, or our cinema.

-No, I’ve never been to Argentina before. She’s on my list. I have to go there.

-When you thought about writing the script for this sequel, what did you want to achieve? I know you are a fan of Agatha Christie…

-Yup. And that’s where I went, the source of my love for Agatha Christie, and specifically what she’s been doing with each of her books by her, which is doing something completely different with each new story. And so, likewise, I didn’t just want to repeat the first film or continue with the first one.

I wanted to tell the audience that this is going to be a brand new film, a brand new cast and set, but we’re also going to surprise them. There will be things with the story that are totally different. So in that way, I hope audiences take note that each of these things will be absolutely amazing.

-You wrote the screenplay in full confinement. And the plot takes place in the midst of the pandemic…

-If it’s true. Well, that was the other great thing about making these movies, for me. I love mystery genre, but all the movies I saw growing up were period pieces set in England, mostly. And I thought it would be nice to do what Agatha Christie did in her day, which is not to write period pieces.

He was writing about his present moments and his society. And so, first I wanted to do a mystery set in modern America, and not walk away from that, really address what we’re going through here and now. It seemed very exciting to me.

the game of differences

-And what is the big difference between “Knives Out” and this new film?

-Oh, there are so many differences. I mean, you know, instead of a fall in New England, it’s set in Greece and in the summer there’s a whole new cast… It’s a whole new mystery. I think the only thing that’s the same is that it’s a yellow with Benoit Blanc, with Daniel Craig in the centre. Other than that, all bets are off… It’s completely different.

The cast features Edward Norton as the megalomaniac businessman and owner of the island where he invites former friends to “game” uncover a murder (Johnson just said no, he’s not based on Elon Musk). Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, Dave Bautista and Kate Hudson. And a couple of cameos that we won’t reveal.

Contributed by Daniel Craig

-And what do you think is the best thing Daniel Craig brings to this mysterious saga?

-I think he has a sense of humor, and also a sense of humanity. I think the two things with Benoit Blanc are that he’s very funny, and Daniel is very funny, I think probably because of James Bond. Many people may imagine that he is a very serious and conservative person, and he is not, he is very funny. And this role allows you to play and have fun on the screen.

And then the other thing I love about Blanc, the way Daniel plays him, is I think he has a very good heart, and there’s always someone at the center of the mystery that he connects with and likes, because he is a good person. And I think you can see that there’s a gap, there’s like a real humanity that I hope you connect with.

-And I wonder, does Daniel participate or collaborate in any case, contributing in any way to the script? Or did you talk to him while writing the script?

-I don’t really talk to him while I’m writing the script. I’ll write it down and then give it to him, and then we’ll talk. And we talk and collaborate. And the script doesn’t change much, but I’ll always listen to his point of view and we’ll make adjustments, and even change the way we play different scenes, as long as it makes sense to him. So far with these two movies, he’s been happy with what I’ve presented to him in the script.

-And have you already written the script for the new sequel?

-No not yet. Do you have any idea? Now I’m going to release this film and then later I will. It will be after the new year, I hope to start writing the next film.

-Okay. And keep your musical duet with your cousin? Do they still compose songs?

Oh, with my cousin. You know, I haven’t done that in a while. I mean, my cousin Nathan is my songwriter. And so we can collaborate when he does the sheet music. I listen and give notes. But we didn’t sit down and play music for a long time. I’m pretty rusty now on the banjo. I need to get it and make more music haha.

-I wanted to ask if your new “Star Wars” trilogy is still on the air, do you have meetings with people from Lucasfilm, or especially Kathleen Kennedy, or not?

– I mean, I’m always in touch with Kathy and, you know, I hope to do so in the future. Right now, my focus is on this. So I don’t know when that will happen. But I love it Star Warsso, you know, but right now I’m working on it.

Source: Clarin

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