Big Brother 2022: Coti was honest about all the strategies he used at home

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After being removed from Big Brother 2022 (Telefe, 21:45) from the public vote, Coti was interviewed yesterday, Monday, in the debate led by Santiago Del Moro. Correntina answered everything and came to an agreement: “I entered Big Brother to play”.

First of all, the driver asked Constanza Romero: “I knew that sooner or later you would arrive here like everyone else, but I didn’t expect you so quickly”. “Neither do I,” Coti agrees with Santi.

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Without anesthesia, Del Moro painted the following picture of the situation for Coti: “You were one of the best players in the first few weeks, you strategized, you ran the house the way you wanted, people bet on you and loved you. And at some point, I think your game started getting so rough and obscene that people saw it and that’s why they kicked you yesterday. What do you think happened as you sat here today?”

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“I haven’t finished explaining to people the game I was making. In the nominations, even though I gave the reasons at the time, I didn’t exactly explain the game behind it, “she replied.

“And when a ball came in (which they hit toward the house) and it said, ‘Your game to get Juliet out,’ then I knew it was wrong because it wasn’t a game to get Juliet out. It was a comedy that if it comes to pass I will explain why at the moment…” she added, leaving the details pending.

Del Moro, to Coti: “You died with your parents”

And followed: “From day one I said: ‘I came here to play'”. Even if you get attached to people, as happened to me with Alexis and happened to me with girls at the time, I had inside me that I had come to play, that yes or yes it was a game, ”he argued in reference to that which many see as a betrayal: naming women despite having promised each other not to.

“When I say to the girls, ‘Let’s go together, we are a group’, and suddenly I’m spontaneous, what I thought is that the girls didn’t have so many supportive people outside the home,” she added.

“I’m proud to have walked out of that house without patting anyone on the back”Coti underlined. “you died with yourscommented Del Moro. “Yes,” Correntina replied.

Coti, on the love affair with Alexis: “I saw him as an easy target, like prey”

When panelists asked whether Coti’s romance with Alexis was for love or strategy, she didn’t mince words. “At first I approached him for fun,” she admitted.

Without fear of appearing cruel, Coti explained: “Those of the group that had formed between Martina, Tomás Holder, Juan and Nacho nodded at me as if to say: ‘We’ll get you out.’ So, at one point I saw Alexis really close to them and I thought, “I’m not going to join that group, so they won’t vote me, but I’m going to look for someone who was close to that group.” And I saw Rabbit as an easier target. Like a prey. Sounds bad, but that was it”, he said without remorse.

Coti responded on his reaction to the obscene comment Alfa made to him

Coti was also raised a delicate topic in the debate: what was, really, what he felt before the obscene comment that Alfa made at the time, a behavior that outside the home was even perceived as harassment.

The issue arose from the fact that, as Gastón Trezeguet well recalled last night at home, Coti had first said that he hadn’t bothered them and had asked them to stop making arguments, but then, for that same issue, he had destroyed the Alpha .

t”Before, you defended Alfa against La Tora and at the candidates’ last meal, you used what he did to oust him,” Trezeguet stressed to the former attendee.

She replied: “It bothered me (Alfa’s attitude), but I had the game in mind. So when I saw that La Tora, Juan and Maxi wanted to use what happened to get Walter out, I said ‘Don’t I want to give them that power.’ I put my uneasy feeling aside to get him out in La Tora.

Picante, Trezeguet, a former Big Brother and current Telefe debater, responded: “If you use it to play, it didn’t offend you that much, let’s say…”.


Source: Clarin

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