Big Brother 2022, LIVE: Coti recovered the phone and recorded a message for his fans

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A new edition of Big Brother can be enjoyed on the Telefe screen, with the conduction of Santiago del Moro. Each of the participants aspires to win the prize of 15 million pesos.

The “most famous house in the country” has 2,200 square meters, 65 cameras and 87 microphones. Big Brother It can be watched on Telefe on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and can also be watched live 24/7 on Pluto TV channel 141.


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New in development

Coti’s message after his presence at the debate

After retrieving his phone, which he hadn’t used since he entered Big Brother in mid-October Coti recorded a message for his fans.

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“Hello, how are you? Well, I’m calmer here at the hotel. Here’s why I wanted to make this video to thank all the people who financed me and to the people who are giving me so many good vibes and so many nice comments,” she said in an Instagram story.

Furthermore, in the video, which he recorded for his more than 1 million followers after leaving the debate, he reiterated her longing to go home: “I would love to, so I’ll never lose hope.”

Coti chose Marcos as his candidate to win the contest

In her visit to the debate for being the last eliminated from the reality show, Coti addressed several topics in relation to their behavior inside the house.

Regarding closing the program, Santiago del Moro asked him who was his candidate to win the contest. And though he admitted he didn’t have a favorite, he bet for Marcos.

“I don’t want to take any chances because this changes from week to week. But I see that people prefer those who do nothing. I’m not saying that Marcos doesn’t do anything, but…”, he closed with irony.

Coti singled out Marcos as his candidate to win Big Brother. Television capture

Daniela is now “Roncañela”

In The debate they left the conversation with Coti for a moment, the last eliminated from the race, a show a situation that surprised Santiago del Morothe speakers and the participants themselves.

that’s how Daniela was seen snoring for the first time since he had entered the house, which worried his companions.

Thiago, Marcos, Julieta and Camila went to wake her up and offered her a glass of water, while she he recognized that he was dreamingand did not understand what had happened to him.

Great controversy in the debate about Ariel’s attitude of sitting naked in a chair that everyone uses

Costa, in the debate on Big Brother, expressed his opinion on the attitude of Ariel to sit naked in the gallery. Catch TV.

After enjoying the pool, Ariel angered Alpha with her attitude of sitting naked on a chair, in the gallery, in full view, drying off and putting on dry pants. “You have to change in the bathroom. You can’t be naked in the garden…”, Walter yelled at him, annoyed.

The panelists of the debate are now discussing it on Telefe. It costswho knew how to suffer from obesity and managed to overcome it, pointed out that Ariel sat down to change because, given her overweight, she cannot do it standing up.

However, other panelists said that Ariel sitting naked “in a chair that others will use” was reckless on her part. Gastón Trezeguet, Sol Pérez and Ceferino Reato they stood to attention: for them the annoyance caused by Ariel’s attitude had nothing to do with her weight. “If I sat naked in a chair that everyone uses, that would be gross too,” Sol said.

Sol Pérez pointed out that Ariel’s attitude was inconsiderate to everyone else. Catch TV.

Del Moro’s hilarious response to a statement by Coti

In the debate, Laura Ubfal shot down Coti, who is a strong supporter, if she thought “God has forgiven her” for her conduct in the Big Brother competition. The recently eliminated contestant replied that she was just “playing” on a reality show.

Later, Coti recalled: “I asked God to let me into Big Brother… And if He let me in…”. Among the laughs, Del Moro concluded: “Well, let’s agree that you haven’t been the best envoy…”.

Coti opened up about the moment Alfa made an obscene comment

Big Brother 2022: Coti, after his elimination, responds in the debate. Catch TV.

Source: Clarin

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